Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Welcome to my new home..........

Please kindly visit my new home http://www.karenyiau.com/

See y'all there...... :)

P/S: Don't forget to chek out My Store as well leh....hehe :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Planning to move

As you can see on my side bar, I have 2 other blogs plus a photo gallery & online shop sites, which have been driving me a little crazy when comes to managing & maintaining them, thus, the thought to have my own domain has recently crossed my mind.

Yes, finally I am thinking to "move house" after I started blogging since April 2007. I have been checking around with my blogger friends in the past few days but I'm yet to make my decision.

Another important thing that I have been thinking of is, what would be my domain name? Hmmm.... it's not an easy task loh...

I still don't know how I could park all my blogs under one domain, I'm sure there will be lots of tidying work to be done, well it's never a relax job to "move house" anyway. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My hubby and I speak Mandarin & English with Dillon since young, while my maids speaks Mandarin to him; as for in-laws, they speak in Hakka dialect.

Initially I was quite worried for Dillon that he might get confused with so many different languages and I'm really unsure which language is he going to be mastering when he speaks.

But then I realised that my worries is not necessary at all. At his age of 31-32 months now, he is picking up new words at a fast pace and he can understand words & sentences in different languages. :)

He also likes to imitate the way we talk to him, and he would say the same back at his sister Kaith: "no no don't touch this...", "go away, hot hot....mummy scold", "come down, mummy beat beat".

It's cute & funny to see when he acts & talks like a big brother. LOL

Friday, July 18, 2008

"My Beautiful Myanmar" - Charity Book Project

Hi Everyone!

This is a life changing book project by the Kachin (Northern Myanmar state) Refugee kids living in Malaysia. My boss' wife, Ms. Belle Lee volunteered herself at the refugee school and came up with this class project to raise funds for the Myanmar people in the aftermath of the cyclone as well as for the 2 Kachin schools which are currently only funded by individual donors. 100% of the profits will go towards the Cyclone Relief Fund & the refugee schools.

My Beautiful Myanmar contains drawings and stories from the refugee kids about why they left Myanmar, what their lives are like in Malaysia and what their hopes are for their future.

Please support this project by buying a copy (or more!) of the book as well as spreading the word about it. Also we would be very grateful to those who are willing to help us distribute the books at your businesses, among friends, your churches, clubs, etc. on consignment basis.

This high-quality 40-page color book is ONLY RM15 each. Shipping can be done via pos laju or registered mail, and cost to be borne by buyer, as I'm not taking any profit from this, all is for charity.

If you’re keen please contact me via email (yiaukaren@gmail.com) or leave your comment here. Your help is immensely appreciated!

P/S: Trust me, besides donating to help these less fortunate children, this is a good book with touching & valuable true stories that we should let our children read, and appreciate what they are having now. RM15 for a valuable lesson is definitely worth the money.

"Kids should be running to the park and not running for their lives."

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Your vote please....

I'm kind of surprise to know that Dillon is one of the 15 finalist in "Stars of Mamypoko Calendar 2009" contest when I was told by my blogger friends on Friday morning.

After seeing all other finalist photo, I know it's not easy for Dillon to win. But again, it all depends on public voting so who knows Dillon might still win at least a consolation prize? hehe

So if you are reading this, would you please spare a vote for Dillon? (muaks muaks)

To submit your vote, just click here and Dillon is in Category 3, Photo no. 13.

The actual photo submitted:

Thanks everyone for voting. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kaith on magazines

In last month, I have sent in Kaith's photos to MomBaby & Mommy Baby ( 妈妈宝宝 & 妈咪宝贝 ) magazine for "July Babies" section and to my surprise, her photos were featured in both magazines. This is the first time I'm sending her photos to any magazine and I'm happy that they were both selected, this is a great gift for Kaith and I will keep the magazines to show her when she grows up. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally walking..... :)

Last Saturday, Kaith finally took her first step and has been practising a lot since then. Every time she walks, you can see happiness all over her face and she enjoys walking very much, well I guess not long from now, she'll be running around like Dillon.....

Not forgetting to suck her favourite fingers while touching her belly button as she walks... lol

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The brother & sister

When both are about 2-3 days old

Some people said Dillon & Kaith look very alike, some said not really except for the shape of the face.

Both had thier 1st hair cut at 3 months old

As their mummy, I notice apart from the resemblance in face features, actually they look very similar in their act & expression, seeing Kaith sometimes just reminds me of how Dillon was around the same age.

Same expression, and same pyjamas. :)

Wearing the same top, & doing the same act, lol

And on their first birthday, mummy even bought the very similar cake from the same cake house. :)

P/S: I did not take any of these photos on purpose, it all happens when I was filing up Kaith's photos and some of her photos just reminds me of Dillon, and hence this post. :)