Thursday, December 6, 2007

Care homes

A few of my colleagues has gone to distribute food bags to the poor recently. Most of these poor people have families but there is one old lady who is already more than 70 years old, also have cataract problem and her husband died about 2 weeks ago so now she is all alone.

Although some of her neighbors try to keep a look out for her at times but no one could look after her all day long. Sometimes she is starving because she is not capable to cook, in fact my colleague didn't think that she is capable to take good care of herself. She also mentioned that she is just so lonely nowadays and hoping to see more people visiting and talk to her.

Therefore the best we think we could do is to send her to care homes because she could live in a better environment and would b well taken care by the staff at care homes. She will also have people to accompany her and she won't feel so lonely anymore.