Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dillon vs. PlayStation

Since mummy is busy with meimei Kaith nowadays and rarely have time to play with Dillon, he has now developed new interest in PlayStation. Look how focus he is when he has the controller in his hands. Judging from the way he hold the controller, he might become a good game player in future. LOL
P/S: Actually the father is playing PS2 while we give a spoiled PS1 controller to Dillon so that he can literally "play together" with his dad. :P

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Full Moon

We've celebrated Kaith's full moon in advance on yesterday (Saturday) where we had casual dinner with family & close relatives in Jalan Ampang.
Kaith's 1st car ride

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Week 3 updates

Time flies and Kaith is already here for 3 weeks and we will be celebrating her full moon this Saturday. There will not be a party and we are just gonna have a casual dinner with family & close relatives, a very simple way to celebrate.

Kaith has been fine, except that she had colic in the past few days but she's already ok now. She is still on breast milk exclusively and has been drinking 4 oz since Week 2, on 3-4 hours interval.

My little lamb at week 3. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Am I too mean?

Do you/would you let your family members, relatives or friends to bring your kid(s) out when you or your spouse doesn't tag along? How much do you trust them in taking good care of your kid(s) in the public?

I've encountered the following situations recently:
1) One evening when I reached home after work, maid told me that my sister-in-law has brought Dillon out, driving him back to her in-law's place, alone. Knowing that her car doesn't have a child car seat, I was so worried how she manage to drive safely with Dillon around, plus she is pregnant also. Then my husband called & told her to send Dillon back immediately. When she reached home, I can see that Dillon is sitting in the front passenger seat, without seat belt. Of course I was very furious for her foolish act and I asked my hubby to tell her never ever do this again.

2) On another evening, my father-in-law brought Dillon out. I thought he brought him for a walk nearby because that is what he does everyday & I do appreciate that. After about 15 minutes, I saw them both came back, in my father-in-law's motorbike. Then I asked him if he brought Dillon for a ride and he said yes, it was only a short distance to the grocery shop . Well, it is not the matter of distance but to put Dillon in the front basket of the bike, without a helmet, is already a very dangerous act. I wasn't happy about it and I told it to my father-in-law directly. (Later on my maid told me that this is not the 1st time Dillon has gone for a ride, arghh!!)

I don't know what do they think about me, esp. my father-in-law, he might think that I was rude to tell him that and my sister-in-law might think I was too mean but I couldn't care less. As a mother, I have the responsibilities & every right to do so to protect my kids.

Weight loss diary - Part I

Pre-pregnancy weight = 52kg
At 40th week pregnancy = 67kg
After delivered Kaith = 62kg
Hence, total kgs to shed off = 10kg

Frankly speaking I did not have any solid plan on how to shed off the extra 10kg, plus I've been eating like a horse! But I do wear bengkung during day time, hoping that it'll help me to get back in good shape. I've also been breastfeeding Kaith exclusively since day 8 and I believe this helps to burn off some calories as well.

Anyway, I'm glad that I've lost 3kg in the past 2 weeks. I know it's easier to lose the first 5kg perhaps but to lose the other 5kg would be tougher but I hope I can make it. :)

Stay tuned for part II (** in the event where I didn't manage to lose anymore weight or I've put on more in worse case, there will not be any part II.... :P)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Pig Trotter in Vinegar...yummy!!

As I've said, pig trotter in vinegar is one of my favourite dish & I've been looking forward to have it. Therefore I insisted my aunt to cook more and I've been eating it for lunch & dinner in the past 2 days (Saturday & Sunday).

Today when I receive the food delivered from SN Nanny, guess what? It's pig trotter in vinegar!! Oh gosh 3 days in a row, I can't imagine how much fat I've taken in......

But it is so yummy that I still finished it all by myself, LOL.... well, let's worry about weight loss later la. :P

On the 12th day

Last Saturday was the 12th day of my confinement and Ive gone to the saloon to get my hair washed & blow, I felt really really great. (well you'll know what I mean if you have had your hair not washed for 12 days.....)

My friends & colleagues arrived around 2 - 3pm and then the lunch session started. Among the dishes served are pig trotter in vinegar, chicken in yellow wine, omelette with ginger, stir-fried spinach & oyster mushroom. Everyone seems satisfied with the food and we had a good time chatting as well.

Here are some pictures of Kaith taken on the day.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The 12th day

What is so special about the 12th day? Well, I'm not sure about others but in my family custom (I'm a cantonese & husband is a hakka), the 12th day in confinement has the following significance:

1. I can wash my hair on this day, and thereafter I can wash hair every 3-4 days. (hooray!)
2. Relatives & friends will come to visit me & baby on this day.
3. I'll serve pig trotter in vinegar & chicken in yellow wine to the guests & my family.

I very much look forward to this day, as I can wash my hair finally & get freshen up. Most importantly, I get to eat my favourite pig trotter in vinegar (without worrying about the weight I'm gonna put on, hahaha)........yummy!!! My aunt, who was my confinement nanny last time, will be cooking the pig trotter & I myself will cook the chicken in yellow wine.

I'll post pictures & share the recipes with all in my other blog afterwards.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 9 updates

The nurse came by this morning to check on baby & mummy again, both are doing fine.

Baby Kaith now weighs 3.2kg, an increase of about 0.4kg since birth. She is still taking 3oz of milk every 3-4 hours, but more on breast milk now as mummy is more frequent in nursing & expressing milk.

On the other hand, Dillon still very much fascinated by his lil' sister and he even wanted to carry Kaith. LOL

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dillon & Kaith

Dillon seems cool with his sister so far and has not shown any jealousy or unhappiness (maybe he is too young for that?)

Whenever I bring Kaith to the living hall, he will pull the bouncinet to me & "ask" me to put Kaith there. (well, he is basically pointing at Kaith & the bouncinet). He likes touching Kaith & kissing her cheeks too; we praise him for being a good brother when he does it.

I actually do feel a bit gulity that I did not have much time to spend with Dillon as I had before. Now he is sleeping with maid at night while Kaith sleeps with me & hubby. After next week, I'm planning to try rooming in with both Dillon & Kaith at night and hopefully it works well. My only concern is when Kaith wakes up for her mid night feed, Dillon might get awake as well.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Day 7 updates

It's been almost a week since I delivered Kaith and I'm glad that everything went on smoothly to date.

Nurses has came to check on Kaith & myself on Day 3 & today, they said Kaith has no jaundice at all & she is healthy, and of course they encourage me to keep breastfeeding Kaith, which I'm already doing anyway. They will come again on Day 10 to measure her weight. Kaith is currently on breast milk & formula milk alternately (poor mummy has not establish her milk supply yet :<), taking 3oz each feed on 3-4 hours interval.

Confinement has been pleasant so far, I've been taking herbal hot bath everyday, and I've also gone for Malay post natal massage on Day 4, which actually has made me feel more energetic & healthier, I shall be going for another round sometime this week. As for the confinement food, I'll have another write up about it next.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

When Dillon meets Kaith

Well, I hope Dillon is enjoying himself being a kor kor to Kaith. :)

Dillon is trying to "cubit" Kaith's rosy cheeks. :P

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Here is baby Kaith.....

D.O.B.: 3rd July 2007 (Tuesday)
Time: 5.47am
Weight: 2.88kg
Length: 51cm

Can you see her resemblance in Dillon? :)

On the left is Kaith on Day 3; on the right is Dillon on Day 6.

My 2nd labour story

EDD: 7th July 2007
Actual due date: 3rd July 2007 (4 days earlier)

1st contraction: 12.30am (very mild), waited till 2.30am when contraction happened every 5 minutes interval.

Arrive at hospital: 4.00am (only dilated 2cm)

At 4.15am: After all the registration procedures, I was admitted to the ward, then hubby left (if only he knows he need to be back so soon, he would have just stay). Contraction pain is still manageable at this time.
At 4.45am: The contraction suddenly became so intensive, my whole body is shivering due to pain & I was cold sweating as well.Between 5.15am - 5.30am: Doctor said I was only 3cm dilated, baby's head still quite high & she then decided to break my water bag & send me to labour room to induce.

At 5.37am: Admitted to the labour room & I immediately called hubby to come. (I have the call record that's why I'm so certain of the time I was sent to labour room). Doctor checked & I was already 6cm dilated, & she decided to give me the drips. As she was preparing that, I felt a very strong urge to push and I was yelling to the doctor to have a look, she was also shocked to find that I'm already 10cm dilated & baby's head can already be seen.

She & the nurses quickly prepared everything and I just can't hold back anymore but to start pushing, without much effort (less than 5pushes), baby Kaith arrived to this beautiful world at 5.47am (yes, in just 10 minutes)

I'm proud that I've done it again, without any drugs (didn't even have the time to inhale the gas :P), without forceps or vacuum. But the only thing is that my hubby was not there to witness, even he has tried to rush there. (baby Kaith was too impatient to wait for her daddy....)

Compare with my 1st labour story when I delivered Dillon in Dec 05.

I'm back !! :)

Hello all I'm back home, with my lil' baby Kaith :)

Thanks to Huisia & Judy who has shared the news in their blogs, and those who have congrats me via sms, calls, or comments in my blog. Both mummy & baby is doing excellent.

It was a surprise for me that baby has arrived 4 days earlier than my EDD, Dillon was 4 days past the EDD last time. It all just happened so fast, too fast indeed. (Check out my labour story later....)

Anyway, I've now entered to a new chapter of my life & I'm looking forward to enjoy every bit of being a mother of two.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Some random facts about ME

I’ve been tagged by both The New Parent & Lzmommy, these 2 blogs are great parenting blogs which I've always enjoyed reading. This tag is to share about 8 random facts about myself, well here we go:

1. I'm the youngest in my family, my sister & brother are 12 & 8 years older than me respectively.
2. My mum delivered me at age 42 & it was an "accident".
3. I am a lazy person & hate to do any exercise.
4. I like eating & I like cooking as well, but I won't do the dishes.
5. I like reading & writing too, esp. in Mandarin, I was Chinese educated since primary school.
6. Once I started to play any PC games, I'll be hooked & will not stop playing until I accomplish the game missions.
7. I'm impatient and easily get annoyed over small matter but usually it won't be long & I don't keep it inside me.
8. My mood swings pretty often, I can be mad at this minute but in the next minute I'll be ok already.

After revealing the facts about myself, I would now like to kepoh about the following blogger's as well:
Cheryl Leong
Vivian Wong
Baby Shern

40th week update

Hi hi I'm still around & baby still inside my tummy. :)

Anyway, I have started on leave today, as I wanted to get away from work & get myself ready for labour, which might just happen anytime this week.

It seems like I'm still carrying high & "lightening" hasn't took place yet. But I have had some early signs of labour i.e. the show, diarrhoea & Braxton Hicks, which might indicate that labour is around the corner. :)

So during this "waiting period", these are what I've planned to do:
1. To run through the checklist again & see if anything is missing or need to be prepared.
2. Eat whatever I wanted to & sleep well.
3. Spend more time playing & bonding with Dillon as I might not have much time for him later.
4. Play PC games, watch some dramas, do a bit of online chatting, check & reply emails.
5. Last but not least, update my blogs & finish up my tag homework. :)

I'm infected

Early morning when I saw Chinnee's comment in my post, saying that my blog is "infected", I was terrified for a few seconds thinking that "Shit, my blog kena virus? Who did it?"

When I visited her blog then only I found that I was actually tagged & the tag is called Blogivitis, a hard to treat blogging disease. (phew!! not that my blog infected with virus)

Well, here are the reasons why I am infected & can’t find (actually not trying to find) any cure from the Blogivitis disease:

1. Dillon - There are just too many interesting bits about this lil' one that I would want to jot down. It'll be a great thing to read back on these in the years to come.
2. Baby - Same as above, would start writing about her since the 1st day she is born, in fact it's already started before she is born.... serves a beautiful memory in future.
3. Hubby - He is always fetching me late from work place so to kill my time, I will write something in my blog, or just do some blog reading.
4. Myself - I like writing since high school but has stopped ever since graduated, it makes me feel good to write again & to know that there are people who read my posts.
5. Sharing - It's great to share information & experience in the blog & this is what I like to do as well.
6. Kepohing - I like kepohing around & whenever I heard or seen anything "interesting" I can blaa blaa blaa about it in my blog.
7. Complaining - When I'm sad, frustrated & pissed, I can just b*tched about it in my blog.
8. Challenging - It seems challenging & interesting to write paid posts, and I'm looking forward to start writing, though I may not have time to commit.
9. $$$ Making - It's a great thing to be able to make some pocket money while enjoy doing my writing.
10. A common thing - Most people have blog(s) nowadays and how can I be left out? Kiasu kiasu....

By ending this tag, I would like pass this virus to another 3 great bloggers, whom I suspect already in critical stage anyway :P
Judy Chow