Friday, November 30, 2007

An ugly sight

Yesterday I went home by LRT because hubby was not able to fetch me from work. It was raining and the LRT was very crowded, and I was standing in front of 2 guys who are seated.

At the next station, a malay man carrying his daughter boarded. The girl was around 3 years old and she was coughing badly, I was hoping that someone will give a seat to them. As I glanced at the 2 guys seated in front of me, they did notice this poor man with his sick daughter but one of them just turned around and look elsewhere, while the other pretended that he was sleeping (good actors huh?).

I am so pissed with these 2 cold blooded man and I really feel like stepping on their feet with my 3 inches heels!! I think the father was too tired carrying his daughter so he asked one of the guy if he could please give his seat, then only he quickly got up (apparently he wasn't sleeping la).

This is really an ugly sight and I'm sure it's happening elsewhere also. Can't we just show more concern for others and help those in need?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hassle-free shopping

Christmas is just less than a month away and I’m sure a lot of people are busy shopping for their own selves, and also for their beloved ones. You can imagine how packed the shopping malls would be.

Now that I have 2 kids, it’s a bit inconvenient for me to spend too much time shopping, thank god there is Coupon Chief here to save my time and hassle. It is a one stop center which provides a wide range of discounts and coupon codes on the website. I can just sit back and relax at home and with just a few clicks, I could get all the Christmas presents ready.

For my dear sister who loves to collect jeweleries, I’m going to get her the Inspired Silver Coupons and for her children, they will be getting the Target Deals. This year’s Christmas shopping would be the easiest I ever had.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My breastfeeding journey - Part 4

After 4 months breastfeeding Kaith exclusively, she is now taking formula milk occasionally as my milk supply is lesser, and also she has increased her milk intake to 5.5oz already (she weighs a healthy 6.8kg now)

It's my bad that I didn't pump as frequent lately, sometimes due to work time constraints; and sometimes due to my weekend activities where I'm always on the go, I just couldn't keep up to my feeding and pumping schedule.

Nowadays she is taking formula once every 2 days, the rest of the time are still on breast milk. Same as Dillon, I don't plan to start Kaith on solid until she is 6-7 months old.

Look how much she enjoys sucking on her fingers...hmmm.... yummy.... :)

Save money on MP3 player

My nephew will be turning 12 next month and I knew that he has been longing to have a MP3 player because he loves listening to music. So I’m going to buy him a MP3 player as birthday present.

I’m aware that there are many different models of mp3 player in the market now and since I have very little knowledge on gadget, I really don’t know which one to buy and what the price range is like. One of my friends has recommend me to do a little bit of research on the save buckets website and I find it really useful. It provides great information on a wide range of products including consumer electronics, clothing, household items and lots more.

The best thing is there is even price comparison on each of the product, which helps us to buy the product at its best price and save a whole load of money.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Diaper-free diary

Right after Dillon wean off his pacifier, I have decided to potty train him. Dillon has always been able to tell us when he needs to poo poo so that is not an issue. Our mission now is to train him to pee in his potty during day time, as for night time, we'd still wear him diaper.

Day 1 - Day 3
For a start, my maid would bring him to the potty every one hour, sometimes he would pee in it but sometimes he just refuse. Hence on the first 3 days, he wet about 4 - 5pants a day on average.
Day 4 - Day 5
Dillon became more aware of the mission and he has understand that he needs to tell us when he wants to pee (he will say "shee shee"), but it's just that sometimes when he tells, it's too late and he has pee on his pants already.
Day 6 - Day 7
Over last weekend, it is remarkable that Dillon only wet his pants once, every time he needs to pee he will tell and then will go to take his potty to us.

Well, I guess I can safely say that Dillon has been potty trained and again, I have accomplished another mission. Bravo Dillon and to myself too, hehe :)

I am very glad that Dillon has achieve this before turning 2 next week, and what's my next mission? Maybe is to train him to brush his teeth I guess.

Blinds for the house

Last weekend I visited my sister in her new house, except for the kitchen that still need a bit of touch up on the cabinets, all other furniture and fittings are in place.

However, my sister told me that she had a hard time looking for the right curtains to for all the living room and her master bedroom, she went to many shops but just don’t seem to find one that blends in well with the furnishing. If she wanted to tailored make the curtains, it will be very costly because she would need to have at least 2 sets for each room. Then I suggested to her to consider buying the blinds instead of curtains, I’ve always fancy the wooden Venetian blinds and I used to have it in my bedroom.

There are many types of window blinds in different designs, which can complement the furnishings of any room. The vertical blinds would fit the long window that she had in her living room and yet it looks modern. As for the windows in her bedroom, I think the contemporary wooden blinds would look perfect since her bed frame and wardrobe are in oak colour, and she had the parquet flooring.

Digital photo frame

After having a digital camera, I rarely print out the photos that I’ve snap. Normally I will just upload the pictures into my computer and I will then view it as and when I want. For friends that I would like to share the pictures, I would email them or share it in my online photo album.

Now that there is digital picture frame, it has become even easier to share pictures without having to print them out. All I have to do is just snap the pictures and switch the memory card to the digital frame and then it’s done. I can put this fashionable digital frame on my work desk and the pictures will be constantly displayed, the people that walk pass my desk will also be able to view my happy snaps. If there is a gathering, I can also bring along this digital frame and share the pictures with my friends, instead of having to bring a photo album.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

LRT ride

Today I went to the International Health Fair held at PWTC and to avoid traffic jam, I opt to take the LRT.

I attended a seminar on "DIY Enzymes" from 11am - 1pm and after that I spent another 30 minutes to look around the exhibition booths. I left PWTC around 1.45pm and I walked to LRT station.

When I reached the station, I saw many people hanging around, and no one is queueing at the ticket counter, I feel strange and as I walk closer to the counter, then only I saw the notice board which said the train has technical problem and the service will be interrupted until further notice. (@#*&$#%*#)

I was thinking I don't always take train and when I take today, this thing happen, what a bad day for me. At first I thought of waiting but then I overheard the lady standing next to me said that it's been almost an hour she waited, the worst thing is she has bought the ticket but the staff refuse to refund to her (this is so unfair?), well I guess her day is worse than mine.

In the end, I have to ask my hubby to come and fetch me loh.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gathering at The Mines

This photo was edited coz myself & another family left before the group photo session. :) Both Daddy & Mummy Yiau are in pink like Kaith, only Dillon is in White, hehe.

Date: 17th November 2007 (Saturday)
Time: 5.30pm onwards
Venue: Station Kopitiam, Mines Shopping Centre

On the same day in the evening, there is another special gathering. The mummies have known each other on Multiply blog or forum but this is 1st time we actually meet each other and the kids in person. I went with hubby, Dillon & Kaith, we only stayed for about an hour plus as we have another occasion to attend, so I didn't really chat a lot with the mummies. Nevertheless, the gathering is short but sweet. :) See how happy Kaith is when sitting in the bumbo seat. hahaha :D

More photos available in Lil' Angels Gallery

Gathering at KidsZone

Mummy Yiau is not in the photo because she is holding the camera....

Date: 17th November 2007 (Saturday)
Time: 11am - 1pm
Venue: Kidszone, Hartamas Shopping Centre

This is a gathering with my colleagues & their kids. We have about 10 toddlers & 2 babies who turned up on that day and you can imagine how was it like. It was so much FUN!! :) See how Dillon enjoyed his popcorn with the girls........hahaha LOL

More photos available in Lil' Angels Gallery

Custom timber frame

I’m staying with my in-laws in a 3-storey link house which was bought about 15 years ago. There has been minor touch up throughout the years we stayed but overall it still looks a bit run down. Hubby and I have always wanted to refurbish the house and if we manage to have enough budget in next 2 years, we would definitely look into it.

We are planning to repaint the whole house and also to install a new set of kitchen cabinet. Apart from that, we would love to install the Timber Frame and post & beam roof trusses that can carry heavy roof loads and add beauty to the interior of the living room. There are many different styles of decorative trusses that look great and I personally fancy the King post roof trusses, not only that it looks great but also cost effective so it is best suit our tight budget.

Truly wedding favours

When we attend wedding dinners, the restaurant or the hotel banquet will have prepared the wedding favors for the guests which are normally fruit cakes or chocolate in a small gift box. Many would have just eaten up the cakes or chocolates and throw the box away, I believe very few would keep it. Therefore if the wedding couple wanted to have something special for their guests to bring home as memento, they should try and look out for the Truly Wedding Favors.

There are so many great items that you can choose for your guests and it really depends how much budget you allocate for the wedding favors, but from the wide range of items available, it’s for sure that you can get something decent within the budget. You can try to look out for items on sale or on clearance for better price, even for items that are priced below $1.00, you can already get these nice Mint Tins where the guests could keep for the longest time possible.

If you are having a themed wedding, be it Hawaiian or Fairy Tale, you can also find the right wedding favors that would blend in perfectly with your theme for your big day.

With Truly Wedding Favors, it will sure make your big day the most unforgettable ones for your guests and yourselves.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Binky-free diary

I should have done this a while back but I kept delaying it, then on last Tuesday, i.e the 13th Nov, the thought crossed my mind again and I've decided to execute my plan to let Dillon wean off his pacifier.

Day 1 - 13th Nov
After listening to my friend, I put a littl bit of 西瓜霜 (watermelon frost spray, an edible medicine for ulcer/sore throat) on his pacifier and when he saw it, he said it's dirty and asked me to wash it; I pretended to wash & give him back, he licked it & still complain it's dirty, then I told him yes it's dirty, why not throw it into dustbin? To my surprise he nodded and he threw the pacifier into the dustbin himself and walked back to his bed. (Hahahaha LOL, it's easier than I thought). Maid said he fell asleep quite late that night & he did wake up in the middle of night crying for his pacifier but she managed to comfort him & pat him back to sleep.

Day 2 - 14th Nov
Maid said he didn't want to nap & was throwing tantrum (he used to nap on his own when given pacifier). Finally at around 4pm, he was too tired and my maid cradle him to sleep. At night, he asked for the pacifier and I reminded him that he has thrown it into the dustbin himself, then he remained quiet. :) The same thing happen as the 1st night as we have expected.

Day 3 - 15th Nov
Instead of 2 naps that he used to have, he only took one nap in the late afternoon about 4pm, but he was no longer crying searching for his pacifier. The best thing of the day was, he slept through the night. :)

Day 4 - 16th Nov
He didn't ask for the pacifier at all and slept through the night as well.

Day 5 - 17th Nov
Same as Day 4, and I can now safely say that Dillon had successfully wean off his pacifier, hooray!! My Binky-free mission has finally accomplished.

Dearest my son, you have made it, mummy is so proud of you! :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Nice girls bedding

My sister has just moved in to her new house and finally my niece - Ashley get to sleep in her own room and not rooming with the parents anymore. She is so excited in decorating her room and has asked if I could find her a nice bedding set.

I came across these nice Childrens Bedding on the website and they are not just lovely but also personalized and I am sure Ashley will like it very much. Since her room is painted in her favourite colour pink, these Pink Purple Dots and Pink Butterfly would bedding definitely blend in perfectly with the room.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Ever since Kaith was 2 months plus, she has dry & scaly skin on her cheek and forehead. I thought it's just normal heat rashes and would go away by itself as she grows. Until the recent week, her skin condition still didn't improve and her face become very rough. She would also scratch her cheeks and head often and it made her couldn't sleep well at night.

Then I decided to bring her to the paediatrician and he said that Kaith was having Eczema but it's just very mild and he gave me a bottle of Eucerin lotion to apply on her whole body including face & head, and another cream for stopping the itchiness.

Just 2 days after applying the lotion, Kaith has regain her smooth skin on the face and now she looks much prettier. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Emergency cash

There might be times when we needed some quick cash in hand for emergency uses and payday loan would be a practical solution.

It is different from the loans that we used to apply where we have to fill up a lot of forms and submit documents to money lender and wait for days or weeks for approval. Faxless Payday Loans is quick and easy, as long as we meet the basic requirement that is at least 18 years of age, have a regular income, valid personal details such as email, phone number, home address, driver’s license, social security number, a valid checking account and one personal reference, we can submit our application online without having to go to the individual money lender.

The application will then be evaluated and if it meets the approval criteria of the particular lender, the loan will be approved and within the next business day, the money will be deposited to our designated checking account. The repayment options are also flexible depending on our preference and affordability.

Loan has never been so easy with just one click away.

Pool fun time!

We used to have a kids pool that was passed down from my brother & Dillon had so much fun playing in that pool but too bad it was bitten by rats and we couldn’t patch it back as the hole was too big.

On last Sunday, we finally bought a “new pool” at Tesco and this time, I bought one of 6 feet (in diameter) because it’s meant for 2 kids so I reckon that it is better to have a bigger pool (I could even go into the pool with the kids as well, hehe)

When hubby was filling the pool with water, Dillon was already too excited and can’t wait to jump into the pool.

Even baby Kaith was joining her brother for some fun in the pool. (she was wearing Dillon’s swim diapers, it fits perfectly on her now)

We really had so much fun on that afternoon and I’m sure Dillon and Kaith will be looking forward to the next “pool fun time”. (Hubby may be otherwise as he is the one who has to inflate the pool, fill the pool, later on empty the pool and deflate the pool, :P)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shop for new house

My sister has recently moved in to her new house and she was so excited in getting new furniture because she finally had her own house, before this she was renting an apartment with her family.

I accompanied her to shop for furniture as her husband is always busy with work. We read some home décor magazines and also see the bedroom furniture and living room furniture on the websites in order to get some idea on what to buy for the new house.

Since her husband is running his own business and hence he needs to work from home from time to time so he would need to get some Classic Home Office Furniture as well. There are so many nice and trendy designs for furniture home office that blends in well with the other home furniture, it’ll sure make working at home a better experience.

Kaith in walker

Kaith doesn’t like to lie down but she likes to be held in standing or sitting positions. Thus I have tried putting her in the walker last week and found that she just love it! She was so happy and whenever we press the honk, she would just laugh out loud, hahaha LOL.

See the series of pictures with her happy face and smiles.

Termites problem

We moved in our new house back in 1995 and 3 years ago, that is in 2004, my dad planned to refurbish all the bedrooms as I have got married and moved out. When we moved away the furniture in my room, we noticed that there are fecal pellets at the base of my study desk and beside table. We are not sure what was it back then and thus we called a pest control company to come and check it out.

The guys came and inspected the whole house and it shocked us that they found not only my bedroom, but in all other bedrooms was also infested by Drywood Termites. Luckily, the termites colonies are small and it’s only at the wood furniture in the bedrooms, so they did a drywood termite treatment where they used insecticides to kill the termites. After this bad experience, now we have regular inspections so that we could discover the colonies earlier and avoid serious damage to the house.

Monday, November 12, 2007

New shoes for Dillon & new dress for Mummy

My friend gave me RM50 Metrojaya voucher and ask me to get Dillon a birthday gift (his birthday is in Dec). Since the voucher is expiring next week, I went to the Metrojaya outlet in BB Plaza last Saturday.

I spotted a pair of leather shoes at Small Time and it costs RM63 after 10% discount, which means i just need to top up another RM13 to get it, without thinking much, I've bought it for Dillon.

This is it, nice or not?

After that I continued my window shopping. When I walked pass Somerset Bay section, a beautiful long dress came into my sight, though I know that it looks expensive and I may not afford to buy, but I thought no harm to try on it since I'm also looking to get a dress for my company's annual dinner next month (in fact I wanted to know if I could fit into the dress, hahaha LOL). And the next thing I know, the dress looks nice on me and what's more, the dress cost less than a hundred after 70% discount!!

Of course in the end, I bought the dress and I still think it's a very worth buy. I won't post the picture of the dress here because I know some of my colleagues are reading my blog and I just don't want to show it to them yet, hehehehe.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Refurbish the old house

I used to live with my grandparents in a small town during my childhood. The house is a double storey bungalow with a garage and a huge backyard. During those days, my siblings and I liked to play hide-and-seek in the garage and we always mess up the place.

When I got back to visit my grandparents last year, the house looked so old and even the concrete garage floor was cracked.

Therefore my grandparents have decided to repaint the whole house and refurbish the kitchen. As for the garage floors they would cover it with tiles because it's more durable and easier to keep clean. So very soon the old house will have a brand new look before this coming Christmas.

This is a sponsored post

Kids vs. Husband

After kids came into our life, have we really neglected our husband in one way or another? No doubt the kids are very very important persons in our life but so as our husband, he is not merely a partner but also our soul mate. As much as the kids needed their mummy, husbands need their wife too.

If you haven't kiss your hubby today, go hug him close and give him a kiss. :) Happy marriage to everyone who is reading this.

Credit Cards

Nowadays credit cards usage has become very common around the world. To me having a credit card makes my shopping experience more convenient because I don't have to carry la lot of cash with me and I can also earn reward points when I pay by credit cards.

However, many people have misused their credit cards whereby they'd over spent their budget. They tend to buy things that are not necessary or they can't afford, because with the credit facilities, they only have to pay the minimum every month. With the attractive balance transfer plans offered by many credit card companies, some would apply a 0% credit cards in order to "pay up" the debt they are owing on another card, and when this new card is approaching the credit limit, they'll do the same again and hence in the end, it has formed a bad debt cycle which may lead them to bankruptcy.

Therefore we all have to be wise and careful in spending with our credit cards so that we can avoid being having bad debts.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

2 maids

As many of you know, I'm staying with my in-laws and my husband's grannny, who is already 80++ years old. We have hired a maid - Ah Lian to take care of granny and to do the house chores. After Dillon arrived, Ah Lian has an additional responsibility to look after Dillon while I'm at work, and she was coping fine at that time.

Then after I delivered Kaith, she is still running one man show taking care of granny, Dillon & Kaith, plus the house chores. Although it seems manageable at some stage, but I do feel that my maid is over exhausted.

Therefore, we have hired another maid - Ah Min to help with the house chores. A Min is from the same hometown (Myanmar)as Ah Lian so both of them get along pretty well.

It's been half a month we have to 2 maids and everything went well so far. Although we have to fork out extra few hundreds for another maid, but it actually make us feel more relief because 2 maids can take care granny & the kids better, and the housework are done more efficiently as well.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Christmas gifts for hubby

Christmas is just around the corner and as usual, I would buy a gift for my husband. Normally I'd need to spend at least 2 weekends to shop for the right gift for my husband. Since now that I have 2 kids it's a bit tough for me as I seldom have time to go for shopping.

Luckily there is Coupon Chief available on the Web site which I can get without having to waste too much time and hassle to travel to the mall.

My husband has been actively playing badminton lately so I've decided to get him the Nike Coupons and he can then shop for the sports apparels that he likes. He also mentioned that he wants to have a new pair of jeans so I might just buy him the OldNavy Coupons as well.

Friday, November 2, 2007

4 months

Chef Kaith:"I don't know what to cook tonight."


Baby Kaith is 4 months old already. :)

She is now taking 5oz of milk every 4 hours and weigh a healthy 6.5kg. Her face is round & chubby, still doesn't have double eyelid like her brother but she is getting fairer now.

She can roll over already and she has a pair of strong legs, she likes it so much when we hold her at standing position. She is also very chatty (girl's nature I believe?) and she smiles & laugh a lot, especially Dillon plays with her. :)

Updates on Mummy? Still breastfeeding and trying hard to fit into her old pair of jeans.... haha

I'm with PPP

I have heard and read a lot about writing paid post even before I started blogging. After I blog for about 6 months, I decided to start writing paid post like others with the purpose to earn some extra pocket money at my leisure time. And since I see many blogger mums did well with payperpost, me too choose to sign up with payperpost for a start.

What I like about payperpost is that it offers a lot of opportunities on a wide range of topics, so basically I can choose and take the offer that is most suitable. Writing paid post actually helps to polish my writing skills in a way, it also makes me keep thinking of new ideas to write a good post. Other than making money, I have also make a lot of new friends through writing paid posts, we are always in contact to share ideas or exchange opinions and also support each other when someone needed guidance in doing paid post.

By the end of the year, I would use the money that I earn from writing paid post to buy some new kids apparels for my dearest son and daughter for the festive season. Thanks to payperpost who has created the opportunities for me to earn extra money for spending.