Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Launching of Lil' Angels Gallery....

I've recently uploaded some photo albums & video clips of Dillon & Kaith on My Multiply site, while I'll still continue to write my postings on Blogspot.

So here are what I have now:
Mummy Yiau, Dillon & Kaith on Blogspot
Under The SUN on Blogspot
Lil' Angels Gallery on Multiply

I've thought of starting to write paid posts but maybe at a later stage when my time is more manageable.

Anyway, thanks everyone for visiting my blogs, your kind comments really make my day. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Family Look-alike

I came across this Family Look-alike Meter in one of the multiply blog and I just knew that I have to share this with you all. Try it out yourself & have fun! :D

Well, it clearly shows that both Dillon & Kaith resemble their father more....... LOL

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kaith's progress

Kaith doesn't really suck on her thumbs or fingers, more often she likes to suck on her forearm. LOL.

I also noticed that she has been attempting to roll over. Good try! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Brother & Sister

Well, here are some pictures of Dillon & Kaith posing together which were taken over last weekend.

Dillon was lying next to Kaith in his playpen.

Kaith was dressed up for her granny's birthday dinner.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Lanterns night

Although Mooncake Festival is still a week away but Dillon has already played with his lantern & candles on last Saturday night. Hubby was lighting up the candles & small lanterns in our car porch while Dillon busy walking around with his lil' lantern. I was carrying Kaith & she seem so fascinated by the candle light.Hubby & I both have the feeling like we were back to our childhood time & we started talking & laughing about the mischievous things we did back then.... All of us had a real great family time on that night.

Well, I guess the feeling of contentment in life is just this simple. :)

1 rooster lantern - RM4
12 pcs of small lanterns - RM3
5 packets of candles - RM3
Great family fun time - PRICELESS

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weigt loss diary - Part II

After I've lost 3kgs two weeks after delivered Kaith (total weight gained is 10kgs), I've managed to shed off another 3kgs. Now my weight stands at 56kg, which means I still have to lose another 4kgs in order to regain my pre-pregnancy weight (52kg). I'm quite satisfied with my progress and I know that breastfeeding has definitely helped in burning off my calories....

Although overall I don't look fat, but I realised that my tummy has become so flabby after this pregnancy. I think exercise is the best & only way to tone up the muscle but then I wonder when I would have time & willing to start doing some sit-ups? Haha LOL

Read Part I

Friday, September 7, 2007

Check up & Jab

Brought Kaith to the clinic for her 2 months old jab yesterday, while Dillon also tag along for his routine check up.

Kaith has doubled her birth weight (2.88kg) and she now weighs 5.5kg, height 58cm; whereas Dillon has only put on 0.5kg compare to 3 months ago, he is now 10.5kg. Well most importantly, both of them are healthy. :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Catching up.....

In the past 2 months during my maternity leave, I hardly read any blog (Soli to my blogger friends....) and even my own blogs updates are very few only.

When I was at home with my kids the whole day, I can't really spend much time sitting in front of my PC, except for a quick 15 minutes to check email or perhaps to write a short post in my blogs. Now that I have returned to work, I've actually had more "ME" time so I'll start blog reading again to catch up things that I've missed.

I apologize to those who have tagged me in the last 2 months as I'm afraid that I haven't complete your tag or I might have overlooked it. If you can pass the tag to me again I will get it done soon, please paste the link in this comments page.

Monday, September 3, 2007

2 months old

Kaith has turned 2 months old today and I'm gonna give her a big kiss on her chubby cheeks!! :)

Since I'm at work now, I'll only be able to see her tonight, most probably around 8pm which means another 5.5 hours from now. Oh gosh I miss her so much, and of course I miss Dillon too......

1st day at work

After the long maternity break, I'm officially returning to work today.

There are already over a thousand emails in my inbox and I've been checking through them the whole morning, until now I still left 300 emails to go through and I guess that would fill my 2nd half of the day.

Nothing much changed while I was away, except that a TV has just been installed near my place, where it'll be switched on all time to show sports events (as our company is involved in sports business), my colleagues are so jealous of my nice seat, hahaha LOL.