Thursday, August 30, 2007

Smile...... :)

Many said that Kaith has a boyish look, maybe because of her hair line. :)
This cute set of ladybird mittens, booties & hat are courtesy of blogger mum JudyChow. :)


yatie'scorner said...

i have that lady bird set too but plus pyjama. when we put on it, my babies looks like ladybird. anyway kaith looks quite with her cute smile

The New Parent said...

Hi K---she looks soooo sweet. When more hair comes in, no one will say she look like a he (smile).

When my little one came out of the orphanage, her head had been shaven. Took 2 years to grow in. In the meantime people would say---such a cute boy!

shern's mom said...

no worries, she looks adorable. and healthy is all that matter right..

huisia said...

she is very cute!

Lemonjude said...

That look nice on her, come put on the whole set. Must be very cute!

Her smile really bright up my day.