Monday, September 3, 2007

1st day at work

After the long maternity break, I'm officially returning to work today.

There are already over a thousand emails in my inbox and I've been checking through them the whole morning, until now I still left 300 emails to go through and I guess that would fill my 2nd half of the day.

Nothing much changed while I was away, except that a TV has just been installed near my place, where it'll be switched on all time to show sports events (as our company is involved in sports business), my colleagues are so jealous of my nice seat, hahaha LOL.


Anggie's journel said...

time pass very fast ... already start work hor ... Kaith getting very adorable :) muaaaakkk

BabyBooned said...

back at work already. wow time flies. u're one tough mummy.. keep up the great job! and pssttt..can u pinch kaith's cheeks for me :p