Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Packing the kids luggage

We'll be traveling to Penang by road on this coming weekend to attend a wedding function, and also visiting the island.

This would also be my 1st time traveling with both kids and I'm a bit excited. I have already prepared a checklist so that I won't miss out anything when packing the kids luggage. For Dillon it is much easier as he no longer takes milk and is diaper-free during day time. Anyway, these are the thing I've listed down:

- Sufficient outfits & diapers for 3 days 2 nights
- Shoes, socks & hats
- Baby wipes & diaper changing mat
- Baby bath & lotion
- Inflatable travel bathtub (for Kaith)
- Potty seat (for Dillon)
- Towels, handkerchiefs & bibs
- Milk powder, milk bottles, thermos flask, water bottle, cereals, feeding bowl & spoon (for Kaith)
- Water tumbler (for Dillon)
- Snacks, some small toys & books
- Sunscreen lotion
- Swim wear, swim ring, beach ball & beach toy play sets
- Antiseptic cream for mosquito bites & nappy cream (in case)
- The light weight umbrella stroller

Did I miss out anything essential?


sting said...

maybe some kids' music CD to make the long journey fun?

karenyiau said...

Thanks sting. But since we'll car pool with my sister's family, her 3kids might just be watching cartoon DVD in the car, haha LOL. Anyway I'll bring just in case.

Bobo Bear said...

Mmmhh...wat about steriliser? I remember bringing mine to PD for my Baby 1st vacation. Enjoy the trip!

Ann said...

hahaha....dont forget to bring your own stuff and your BAG!!! REmembered for my first CNY ome I brought everything of boyboy's but not our own bag!

Also....putting Dillon in diaper for the journey? Don't want him to urgently request for a toilet stop at the highway and the nearest stop has not shown its sign yet!:)

Blessed mum said...

bring some travel pack toys to keep them occupy througout the journey too!

Have a great weekend ahead!

karenyiau said...

Ya Bobo I have thought of the sterilizer but I think too many thing to bring la, haha so I can save on this, will just use hot water to rinse it for that 3 days... should be fine. :)

karenyiau said...

Tell me bout it Ann, I have packed the kids stuff last night and it's already one bag full. Me & hubby have to try to stuff our things into one bag cause I don't want to carry more than 2 bags, no space in the car liao...... Somemore have to hand carry the milk powder, thermos flask etc leh? Scary......:P

Nvm la if Dillon has "emergency call", can just pull over by the roadside and let him pee? haha lol Btw, the last time we brought him to Kluang, about 3 hours plus drive, no problem at all. :)

karenyiau said...

Thanks blessed mum, will sure bring some toys and some snacks too, Dillon needs that more badly than toys, hahaha LOL.

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