Friday, May 4, 2007

My 1st labour story

Another 60 more days I will be in my 2nd labour, just thought to jot down my 1st labour experience before I forget (will I ever forget?? hmm...)

EDD: 2nd Dec 2005
Actual due date: 6th Dec 2005 (4 days overdue)

1st contraction: 2.00am (very mild) but couldn't sleep at all so just surfing on web & wait till 5.30am when the contraction became more intense.

Admitted to hospital: 6.00am (only dilated 1cm)
From 6.00am - 10.00am: Rolled on the bed & couldn't sleep or eat, just had a cup of Milo around 8.00am, contraction was so regular (dilated 2cm at 10.00am)

At 12.00pm: Still dilated at 2cm only and water bag still not broken.
At 2.00pm: Doctor decided to break the water bag for me as my dilation is too slow, gosh I won't forget that sharp pain when she poke my water bag, feel like giving her a kick on the face. (dilated at 3cm)

At 2.30pm: Admitted to the labour room & was given drips to induce the labour. Asked for epidural jab but there was no effect (maybe the dose at government hospital is too cheapskate & it didn't work well) so I gave up on that.

From 2.30pm - 5.30pm: I'm not doing anything except yelling, crying & talking nonsense at my hubby. The pain is so unbearable.... (dilated at 7cm)

At 6.00pm: Doctor came & said based on my "progress" it might took me another 2 hours before I dilate to 10cm!! I nearly fainted, how am I going to bear for 2 more hours? It's insane!

From 6.00pm - 6.30pm: I don't know how did this happen, but I was fully dilated to 10cm within this half hour. :D

At 6.47pm: I delivered baby Dillon in just 5 pushes......

Total hours: more than 12 hours (starting from contraction)
Sleep/rest: No sleep or rest for more than 24 hours
Food: No solid food for more than 12 hours

I just pray hard that I could do it faster with lesser pain this time.... ;)


Angeleyes said...

You must be really excited!
I have problem conceiving as I'm still bfg Darrius.

Looking forward to have my #2 soon!

babykhong said...

Don't worry...2nd time is much faster.

huisia said...

i also heard people said 2nd time is more faster than first..

FYI, prudy's(allyfeel)duedate is 1 day earlier than us.

karenyiau said...

angeleyes, lots of baby dust to you ya.... :)

babykhong, i hope that is true loh, i want it to be faster & easier this time.

huisia, juz a day earlier? wow, it's real close leh, 3 of us might end up delivering on the same day. :D so excited.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Wow....5 pushes and the baby is out? That's pretty fast eh? Wishing you speedy delivery for your 2nd baby :D

karenyiau said...

hi mommy to chumsy, i also dunno where i got the strength from, maybe i was too painful for too long & juz wanted to end it quicker.

KK & WS said...

i had slipped disc i already decide to take epidural since early.

I dilated very fast, almost 1cm for every hour. I started my epidural when dilated to 4cm...

Ching Ern didn't crown even i pushed for almost close to 3 hours. In the end, we need to vacumn her out as her heart beat drop to 80+...with vacumn, 2 push..kau tim...:-)

chinneeq said...

will pray hard for you :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Good luck to you in your forthcoming birth.May u hv a beautiful & healthy bb. Is it a boy or girl?

Jesslyn said...

Good luck and hope u have a smooth & speedy delivery too! :)

karenyiau said...

kk & ws, I would hv taken epidural if only it works well on me....

chinee & jesslyn, thanks for your best wishes. i hope i won't yell & cry too much this time. ;P

thanks health freak mommy, doc said it's baby girl & i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

wah.. just 5 pushes.. lucky u! I have more than that... and when my baby is almost coming out.. dr keep telling me.. dont push dont push... eh.. how can not push.. as it wanting to out already.

Silvia said...

Wow you mums all sound so strong.. Im terrified of going into labour! I know I should be thinking of the outcome and not the progress... but it's really kinda hard to!

karenyiau said...

Hi Silvia, thanks for dropping by, what is your blog site?

The actual labour is always beyond our imagination but we'll get through it eventually, though the level of pain & length of labour time will varies. In the end, we'll feel all is worth it. :)

Anonymous said...

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