Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm infected

Early morning when I saw Chinnee's comment in my post, saying that my blog is "infected", I was terrified for a few seconds thinking that "Shit, my blog kena virus? Who did it?"

When I visited her blog then only I found that I was actually tagged & the tag is called Blogivitis, a hard to treat blogging disease. (phew!! not that my blog infected with virus)

Well, here are the reasons why I am infected & can’t find (actually not trying to find) any cure from the Blogivitis disease:

1. Dillon - There are just too many interesting bits about this lil' one that I would want to jot down. It'll be a great thing to read back on these in the years to come.
2. Baby - Same as above, would start writing about her since the 1st day she is born, in fact it's already started before she is born.... serves a beautiful memory in future.
3. Hubby - He is always fetching me late from work place so to kill my time, I will write something in my blog, or just do some blog reading.
4. Myself - I like writing since high school but has stopped ever since graduated, it makes me feel good to write again & to know that there are people who read my posts.
5. Sharing - It's great to share information & experience in the blog & this is what I like to do as well.
6. Kepohing - I like kepohing around & whenever I heard or seen anything "interesting" I can blaa blaa blaa about it in my blog.
7. Complaining - When I'm sad, frustrated & pissed, I can just b*tched about it in my blog.
8. Challenging - It seems challenging & interesting to write paid posts, and I'm looking forward to start writing, though I may not have time to commit.
9. $$$ Making - It's a great thing to be able to make some pocket money while enjoy doing my writing.
10. A common thing - Most people have blog(s) nowadays and how can I be left out? Kiasu kiasu....

By ending this tag, I would like pass this virus to another 3 great bloggers, whom I suspect already in critical stage anyway :P
Judy Chow

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