Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bangkok Trip - Day 1

Our flight is on Thursday morning, we took the coach at KL Sentral at 6.00am to LCCT, cost RM9 per way, nice & cheap. We arrived LCCT at 7.00am and there was only a few people at the AirAsia counter and it only took us 10 minutes to check in. The flight took off at 8.25am sharp and we arrived safely in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport around 9.30am local time.

We walked straight out to the airport, leaving behind the people who keep approaching us for cab service, well I did stop & ask one of them how much it cost to fetch us to our hotel and he said 600baht, and I immediately walk away as I think it sounds too much. There is a small counter (not even a proper booth) out there where you see all taxi drivers lining up (so funny it was the driver & not the passengers who line up, haha), tell to the lady at counter of the hotel you wish to go, they charge 50baht service fee (pay to driver) and the driver will charge the meter fare. We ended up paying around 300baht (incl toll fare) for the ride, half of what we were offered by another cab!!

We were staying at Samran Place Hotel, located along the Petchburi road, it's a very small hotel but the rooms are clean and cosy. The nearest BTS (Skytrain) station - Ratchatewi is just 5 minutes walking distance and the shopping heaven Pratunam area is also just within 10 minutes walk. I booked the room at only RM90 per night inclusive of 2 set breakfast, well nothing to brag about the breakfast but at least there are 6 sets to choose from and you can have different set served hot to you every morning, I personally prefer this than the boring buffet breakfast. :)

The room comes with Queen bed, good enough for 2 persons & the toilet is clean. Anyway we didn't spend much time in the room. :)

After checking in to our room, we proceed to MBK Mall for lunch & shopping. We took about 15 minutes to walk there, and we think that we should have taken a cab there as it was so hot!

We went to the food center on 6th floor and were delighted by the great variety of food there, you can see many stalls selling food with pork, definitely not something you will see in here. We spent 160baht for our lunch on the following:

(Clockwise from top left)Stewed Beef & Beef Balls Noodles - 50baht, Braised Pork Knuckle Rice with Pickles - 50baht, ABC & Durian Glutinuos Rice - 60baht

After lunch, the shopping trip get started. I only bought 1 piece of clothe and a handbag as I wanted to save my money for shopping in other areas, haha. Most of the things sold in MBK Mall started from 199baht, you can try to bargain but normally they won't give any discount unless you are buying more, but 199baht for a handbag or a pair of shoes are fairly reasonable to me already... :)

Mummy busy checking out the handbags the kids clothing of course :)

We went back to hotel to freshen up after that and continue our evening by visiting the famous Erawan Shrine, located just in front of Central World Plaza (get down at BTS - Chidlom station).

After that we walked to the Central World Plaza to have our dinner at the food court:

(Clockwise from top left) Seafood Noodle with Thick Gravy - 65baht, Fish Ball KuayTeow Tom Yum - 50baht, Fried Oyster - 60baht, Pork Noodles - 50baht

We walked for a short while in Central & Big C, then we headed back to hotel to rest as we were all tired after the early morning flight and we need a good rest for more walking the next day.....


Blessed mum said...

sounds like you have a very fruitful trip!

Lemonjude said...

So fast you have a 2nd trip. Can see that you really have fun shop and eat...

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