Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bangkok Trip - Day 2

We woke up early at 7am as we'll be visiting the Grand Palace today and we try to be there early so that it won't be too hot.

Set breakfast is included in our room booking and there are 6 different sets to choose from, namely the American breakfast, Continental breakfast, Pancakes set, Noodle Soup, Fried Rice & Fried Noodles, all comes with juice & coffee/tea. It's nothing to brag about but I prefer this than the boring buffet breakfast though, at least we get to choose different things to eat every morning.

Noodle Soup & the American Breakfast set

There are 4 of us and so since we were lazy to get a cab outside the hotel, we decided to take the hotel's limousine to Grand Palace, which cost 200baht (roughly RM5/person). We reached at 9.00am and the crowd were already there. It's not a very lucky day for us as it started to rain when we were about to go in. Anyway we still continue our sightseeing since the rain wasn't heavy.

For those who plan to visit Grand Palace, make sure your shoulders and legs are covered all you will be renting happy pants (Cost 100 baht and you'll get it back when you return the clothes), toes should be covered as well (though I still see some people allowed to go in wearing sandals). The entrance ticket cost 250baht, which includes entry to the Vimanmek Mansion.

The Emerald Buddha is especially amazing and it's a fair bit walk around, it's definitely a place worth visiting when you are in Bangkok, but we are not allowed to take any photos of the statue. Below are some photos of the surrounding areas:

After the Grand Palace, we went to this small shop located on the opposite side to have a drink and something to eat. The soup noodle taste is not bad, although the shop looks a bit run down.

Next we walked to the next block, Wat Pho - Reclining Buddha . This is an amazing temple and a must see. The Reclining Buddha is larger than you think. The admission fee to Wat Pho is 50 baht per person.

Although we were a bit tired after visiting 2 places but we still wanted to see more, and thus we took a cab (after bargaining with a few drivers) to Vimanmek Mansion - the world's largest golden teak wood mansion. We are not allowed to bring in our phones & cameras to take photos so I don't have any to share with you. It's worth a visit if you like to see antiques & collectibles.

After the sightseeing trips in the morning, we proceed to have lunch at Bobae Tower food center. The Thai food here is nice & cheap.

(Clockwise from top left) Stewed Duck Rice - 45baht, Fried Rice with Shrimps - 35baht, Seafood Tom Yum Soup - 60baht, Fish Ball Noodles - 40baht

Bobae Tower is a wholesale center where you'll find a lot (I mean A LOT!) of clothing here, I especially like the kids clothing, the designs are so nice & since it's made in Thailand, the price are cheap compare to the similar one we get in KL. I bought a whole lot of kids clothing (mainly for Kaith) & also a few mini tee for myself at wholesale price, total spending was about 1300baht.

Everybody was so exhausted after many hours of walking & shopping and hence we returned to the hotel to freshen up.

In the evening we went out again to Pratunam area, thinking to do some shopping in Platinum Mall but only to find that most of the shops in the mall were closing?? I was wondering why because I learnt from the travel website that the mall opens from 10am - 10pm but when I was there only I realised they actually opens from 8.30am - 8pm. But even we were there around 7.00pm plus, there were not many people and some shops have already closed or starting to close, sigh.... makes me no mood to continue shopping.

For hubby's sake, we then proceed to the Pantip IT Mall next door, the place is huge but frankly speaking, it's nothing close to Low Yat Plaza we have in KL, so hubby wasn't keen to shop there also and as we decided to head for dinner, it started to rain heavily, what a bad day for us! :(

After the rain stopped, we walk to Ratchatewi Seafood restaurant to have our dinner, which is located on the way back to our hotel. The food is ok, and hubby & I took the Chang beer as it was so cheap, a big bottle at only 55baht.

Fried Squid - 100baht, Broccoli with Shrimps - 80baht

Later that night we went for massage next to the hotel. The place is small but neat, not the hanky panky one but the proper Thai massage. I went for the Foot massage for an hour at 200baht while hubby went for the Full body Thai massage for 2 hours at 400baht only. The massage is so nice & relaxing and I've planned to come again tomorrow for pedicure because it's 150baht only!


Blessed mum said...

how do u find the braised pork knuckle? I luv so much tender like it just melts in your mouth unlike ours...

Learnt my lesson not to go chatuchak with hubby..he always complain "hot" and "stuffy"

karenyiau said...

Same here I love the pork knuckle, you are right, it's so super yummy like it melts in my mouth.... who cares about the fat? haha :D

No no not only chatuchak, I've learnt that I will not go to Bangkok with my hubby again. :P

Lynn said...

Hi, May I check with you, the Platinum Mall is it open from 8.30am? so early?

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