Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mt. Kinabalu Climb - Day 1

Flag off at Timpohan Gate
Wake up call at 5am and everybody has a hearty breakfast and seems prepared for the climb. I'm very excited but at the same time I'm also worry about my physical strength as I hardly do any exercise and no training prior to this climb as well, in other words I'm going to have a tougher climb compare to the others.

We had about 42 athletes and 42 escorts climbing Mt K, followed by doctors and a lot more volunteers. We were the only VIPs (sponsors rep)climbing together with a police chief from KL. We had athletes from all over, namely, Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, Selangor, Chinese Taipei and a delegate from Special Olympics Australia.

Everybody gathered at the Timpohan Gate (the foot of the mountain) around 8am, after a short speech by the Minister, we flaged off at 8.15am sharp.

Severe cramps at the beginning
I must admit that it is really embarrassing that during the 1st 0.5km walk on some stairs and uphill slopes, I already feel exhausted and have to stay aside to rest (this is how unfit I am as I told y'all). I was panting hard, heartbeat was so fast and I feel very dizzy too, I became so scared that my heart couldn't take this extreme exercise but thanks to my colleague who handed me a sweet, after taking it I don't feel dizzy anymore and could continue the journey.

However, when I almost reach the 1km check point, I experienced muscle cramp on my right calf and doctor had to give me the spray to relief. Not long after that, I had another cramp on my left calf and need doctor's treatment again. This bad muscle cramps just go on & off every now and then and even the doctor don't think I can or I should continue, but I never thought of giving up, I keep telling myself that I'm going to overcome the physical challenge.

The trail

After taking some 100 plus and bananas (rich in potassium and it's good for cramps!), I just got better and from the 3km point right up I don't have any cramps again. The climb however became a little more tougher when rain falls at about 1pm, the rocks are slippery and the trails is so muddy. Thanks to my guide who lead me all the way up and I finally reached Laban Rata at 11,000 feet at 3.30pm, which means I took almost 7 hours to complete the 6km trail, it's indeed very slow, but safe, hahahah LOL.

Laban Rata resthouse

Sunset at Laban Rata

After dinner and a short briefing by the OBS guys (outward bound Sabah), everyone goes to bed around 7.30pm and must get up by 12.30am later & prepared to ascend to the summit!! The doctors actually advised me against climbing to the peak due to the bad cramps I have and they really doubt I would have the stamina. My confidence was a bit at shake as I was really suffering for the 6km I climbed today and I don't know if I should risk myself to ascend to the summit.

In the end I decided not to think so much and just go to sleep, I'll just listen to my body and & follow my instinct when I get up later at 12.30am

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andrewjune said...

1230am is a wee to early to wake up to ascend to the summit, but i guess they want you to be there to witness the sunrise *i thk*