Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Baby/Children stuff on SALE!!

OnceLittleToo's 1st Annual Discount PROMOTION!!!

Happens only in JUNE!!!

So, here's a yearly treat for all OLT customers:
BUY 1 : GET it @ 5% OFF!
BUY 2 : GET 2nd item @ 10% OFF!
BUY 3 : GET 3rd & following items @ 15% OFF! & above! (T&C applies)

KEEP IT FOR RAYA or BIRTHDAYS, as this comes ONCE a year!


Mummy to QiQi said...

Karen, u have been infected with Blogivitis! Read here to find out more: http://www.demoments.net/blog/?p=377

G @ mommibee.com said...

HI Karen, thanks for the visit. COngratulations on ur soon to be born 2nd child! Wah so pregnant yet so slim and sexy, how I envy u :P Thanks for the link to my dotter's blog. I've linked u to my two blogs ie nottibee.com and mommibee.com

huisia said...

why today you didn't update your blog? your baby popped liao??

The New Parent said...

Hi K--that's a great photo of you---you look amazing in pregnancy!

Now what's this sale?

karenyiau said...

Thx for dropping by mommibee, see you around ya.

Not yet la huisia, if I pop liao will sure sms you keh, today busy at work loh, many things to hand over. :)

Thx for your compliment Frank, the sale is offered by one of our local online baby shop, I'm just doing FOC advertising here. :)

KK & WS said...

this info is really helpful!!!

karenyiau said...

Enjoy your shopping then kk & ws. :)

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