Monday, June 11, 2007

Thank you

Thanks to all who wished me on my birthday and indeed I had enjoyed the day.

I took half day on last Thursday and had lunch with my colleagues in Damansara Uptown. After that I continued to wander around to wait for my hubby while they drove back to office.

Then I found this new baby boutique - BabyJaya, it's located along the same row as Anakku & RHB Bank in uptown; a 3-storey shop house selling baby gears & toys, baby clothing, bedding & accessories, maternity & nursing range etc, all under one roof.

I tried telling myself that I'm just window shopping & there is nothing that I needed to buy but......I end up spent about RM100 for a Soft Potty Seat & 2 VCDs for Dillon, socks for baby & a Nursery sling bag for myself :)

Dinner with hubby at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant in Hartamas Shopping Center around 8pm and I had the Sashimi & Tempura set, yeah I knew I shouldn't have raw fish at this time but it's just too hard to resist so I had a few slices......

I can say that I had a wonderful birthday as I have got & done what I want:- off day, shopping, japanese food, birthday cards & wishes from many people via sms, emails, IMs & from this blog of course. So I guess I shouldn't mind too much that my hubby didn't actually wish me happy birthday, hmmm...... is it really so hard to open the mouth & say it?


estkirby said...

...action speak louder than words-mah...can accept also loh!

cairo's mommy said...

true true, i totally agree with estkirby :D better more action than just words i alwasy say :p

karenyiau said...

Haihs.... human always not satisfied isn't it? When action more than words we would ask for sweet talk; when words more than action we complain they just talk cock only, hahaha, so hard to please a woman eh?