Monday, September 17, 2007

Lanterns night

Although Mooncake Festival is still a week away but Dillon has already played with his lantern & candles on last Saturday night. Hubby was lighting up the candles & small lanterns in our car porch while Dillon busy walking around with his lil' lantern. I was carrying Kaith & she seem so fascinated by the candle light.Hubby & I both have the feeling like we were back to our childhood time & we started talking & laughing about the mischievous things we did back then.... All of us had a real great family time on that night.

Well, I guess the feeling of contentment in life is just this simple. :)

1 rooster lantern - RM4
12 pcs of small lanterns - RM3
5 packets of candles - RM3
Great family fun time - PRICELESS


kiasumum said...

u got tag!!

chanelwong said...

We have got the chance to bring jeriel to play latern yet...Must try to remember to do one of the nite...

yatie'scorner said...

family's great time - priceless

vickylow said...

well done mummy, you line up the caddle nicely. I'm sure Dillon had a great fun.