Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Launching of Lil' Angels Gallery....

I've recently uploaded some photo albums & video clips of Dillon & Kaith on My Multiply site, while I'll still continue to write my postings on Blogspot.

So here are what I have now:
Mummy Yiau, Dillon & Kaith on Blogspot
Under The SUN on Blogspot
Lil' Angels Gallery on Multiply

I've thought of starting to write paid posts but maybe at a later stage when my time is more manageable.

Anyway, thanks everyone for visiting my blogs, your kind comments really make my day. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi K---that's quite a few blogs (smile). It'll certainly keep you busy!

chanelwong said...

more blogs to keep you busy...I already pening with just one..

Lovely Mummy said...

wah, so many blogs liao....congra

btw, a tag for u at http://www.mylovelymummy.com/2007/09/29/my-desktop-view/