Monday, October 8, 2007

Are you insured?

Before the age of 25, I never had any insurance policy, because I do not feel the need at that time & I also don’t want to have a long term commitment. However, after I got married and have children, I suddenly realized the importance to have a comprehensive family insurance plan, not only for my husband & myself, but mainly is to cover the benefits of our children.

But since we have a couple of loans to service at the moment, we have to be careful to plan our budget before committing to any insurance plans. Therefore we would need to get the insurance quote based on our insurance need and affordability so that we don’t over commit and burden ourselves. We can also make comparison of the quotes and find one would fulfill our need with a lower insurance premium.

Looking at the benefits and coverage an insurance plan can offer, we should plan to allocate our budget to get an insurance plan for ourselves and our beloved family.