Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kids vs. Husband

After kids came into our life, have we really neglected our husband in one way or another? No doubt the kids are very very important persons in our life but so as our husband, he is not merely a partner but also our soul mate. As much as the kids needed their mummy, husbands need their wife too.

If you haven't kiss your hubby today, go hug him close and give him a kiss. :) Happy marriage to everyone who is reading this.


Bobo Bear said...

Like the video, it's so funny. But it is true, we neglected our hubby when we have baby.

Karen said...

Hi bobo, I think it's a commong thingbecause the baby is so much cuter isn't it? hahaha.

Anyway we should still play our role as a wife. :)