Monday, November 26, 2007

Blinds for the house

Last weekend I visited my sister in her new house, except for the kitchen that still need a bit of touch up on the cabinets, all other furniture and fittings are in place.

However, my sister told me that she had a hard time looking for the right curtains to for all the living room and her master bedroom, she went to many shops but just don’t seem to find one that blends in well with the furnishing. If she wanted to tailored make the curtains, it will be very costly because she would need to have at least 2 sets for each room. Then I suggested to her to consider buying the blinds instead of curtains, I’ve always fancy the wooden Venetian blinds and I used to have it in my bedroom.

There are many types of window blinds in different designs, which can complement the furnishings of any room. The vertical blinds would fit the long window that she had in her living room and yet it looks modern. As for the windows in her bedroom, I think the contemporary wooden blinds would look perfect since her bed frame and wardrobe are in oak colour, and she had the parquet flooring.