Friday, November 2, 2007

4 months

Chef Kaith:"I don't know what to cook tonight."


Baby Kaith is 4 months old already. :)

She is now taking 5oz of milk every 4 hours and weigh a healthy 6.5kg. Her face is round & chubby, still doesn't have double eyelid like her brother but she is getting fairer now.

She can roll over already and she has a pair of strong legs, she likes it so much when we hold her at standing position. She is also very chatty (girl's nature I believe?) and she smiles & laugh a lot, especially Dillon plays with her. :)

Updates on Mummy? Still breastfeeding and trying hard to fit into her old pair of jeans.... haha


Lemonjude said...

No worries..without double eye lid her big round eye is killing man!

Pretty girl in the making ;)

chanelwong said...

She is fair..going to be pretty girl..

Don't worry you will soon fit into your favourite clothes...take time..

jazzmint said...

she got really big eyes :). happy 4 months old

Bobo Bear said...

Wah! Happy 4th Month old Kaith. My baby is currently 3mths 2 wks. I read about your breastfeeding journey on how you continue to feed and pump even after you start your work. Keep it up!Do you still feed from the breast or do you pump out & feed with bottle?

karenyiau said...

Thanks Judy, Chanel & Jazz for your compliments.

Bobo bear, thanks for visiting my blog. I still feed from the breast when I'm at home & maid will bottle feed while I'm at work.

ChrisBay said...

Kaith is so cute. My baby is a month older than Kaith. I fully breastfeed my baby too. I've always wished to pump out my milk but each time, the most I can pump out is only 1oz. I gave up! You mentioned 5oz of breast milk every 4 hours, I'm truly amazed! :)

huisia said...

Happy 4 months old!
Mine soon :)

How i wish my Elijah can drink more milk like Kaith..sigh...

Yatie said...

Happy 4 months old!

so fast I thought I just received sms from you that kaith just pop out

karenyiau said...

Hey Chris, you are doing a good job already. :)

Don't worru huisia, aslong Elijah is growing well, who knows he might have big appetite in solid food then? :)

Haha sudah 4 bulan yatie, very fast hor?

Mommy to Chumsy said...

aww...kaith is so cute! she looks like her kor kor :D