Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Termites problem

We moved in our new house back in 1995 and 3 years ago, that is in 2004, my dad planned to refurbish all the bedrooms as I have got married and moved out. When we moved away the furniture in my room, we noticed that there are fecal pellets at the base of my study desk and beside table. We are not sure what was it back then and thus we called a pest control company to come and check it out.

The guys came and inspected the whole house and it shocked us that they found not only my bedroom, but in all other bedrooms was also infested by Drywood Termites. Luckily, the termites colonies are small and it’s only at the wood furniture in the bedrooms, so they did a drywood termite treatment where they used insecticides to kill the termites. After this bad experience, now we have regular inspections so that we could discover the colonies earlier and avoid serious damage to the house.