Monday, November 12, 2007

New shoes for Dillon & new dress for Mummy

My friend gave me RM50 Metrojaya voucher and ask me to get Dillon a birthday gift (his birthday is in Dec). Since the voucher is expiring next week, I went to the Metrojaya outlet in BB Plaza last Saturday.

I spotted a pair of leather shoes at Small Time and it costs RM63 after 10% discount, which means i just need to top up another RM13 to get it, without thinking much, I've bought it for Dillon.

This is it, nice or not?

After that I continued my window shopping. When I walked pass Somerset Bay section, a beautiful long dress came into my sight, though I know that it looks expensive and I may not afford to buy, but I thought no harm to try on it since I'm also looking to get a dress for my company's annual dinner next month (in fact I wanted to know if I could fit into the dress, hahaha LOL). And the next thing I know, the dress looks nice on me and what's more, the dress cost less than a hundred after 70% discount!!

Of course in the end, I bought the dress and I still think it's a very worth buy. I won't post the picture of the dress here because I know some of my colleagues are reading my blog and I just don't want to show it to them yet, hehehehe.


vickylow said...

Ya I love this shoe, look nice.

kiasumum said...

karen, claim your Hogwart Invitation here

jazzmint said...

nice shoes ;)

Lemonjude said...

It is always happy when you get something you like. Great buy us when you wear your dress in annual dinner.

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