Friday, November 30, 2007

An ugly sight

Yesterday I went home by LRT because hubby was not able to fetch me from work. It was raining and the LRT was very crowded, and I was standing in front of 2 guys who are seated.

At the next station, a malay man carrying his daughter boarded. The girl was around 3 years old and she was coughing badly, I was hoping that someone will give a seat to them. As I glanced at the 2 guys seated in front of me, they did notice this poor man with his sick daughter but one of them just turned around and look elsewhere, while the other pretended that he was sleeping (good actors huh?).

I am so pissed with these 2 cold blooded man and I really feel like stepping on their feet with my 3 inches heels!! I think the father was too tired carrying his daughter so he asked one of the guy if he could please give his seat, then only he quickly got up (apparently he wasn't sleeping la).

This is really an ugly sight and I'm sure it's happening elsewhere also. Can't we just show more concern for others and help those in need?


jazzmint said... teruk one..

jansey 咏思 said...

hey! u hvn been to singapore.. MRT r always packed like sardine near to the door, but center part is always empty, can put a cow there!!


but this-won't-giv-up-seat scene never happen on me. since i preggie, alot of ppl giv up seat for me. til now, when we board the train wif kids, always hv 1 kind soul will giv up his/her seat. (but takes abt 1min cos they r always waitin for others so they can keep theirs. hehe)

lastly, saw that u din do the 'spare the rod or not' tag. so i m passin to you. Http://

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