Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gathering at The Mines

This photo was edited coz myself & another family left before the group photo session. :) Both Daddy & Mummy Yiau are in pink like Kaith, only Dillon is in White, hehe.

Date: 17th November 2007 (Saturday)
Time: 5.30pm onwards
Venue: Station Kopitiam, Mines Shopping Centre

On the same day in the evening, there is another special gathering. The mummies have known each other on Multiply blog or forum but this is 1st time we actually meet each other and the kids in person. I went with hubby, Dillon & Kaith, we only stayed for about an hour plus as we have another occasion to attend, so I didn't really chat a lot with the mummies. Nevertheless, the gathering is short but sweet. :) See how happy Kaith is when sitting in the bumbo seat. hahaha :D

More photos available in Lil' Angels Gallery


jazzmint said...

wah so nice meet so many mommies

karenyiau said...

Ya jazz, it was good to finally meet the mummies in person after "chatting" so long on the web.