Saturday, November 24, 2007

LRT ride

Today I went to the International Health Fair held at PWTC and to avoid traffic jam, I opt to take the LRT.

I attended a seminar on "DIY Enzymes" from 11am - 1pm and after that I spent another 30 minutes to look around the exhibition booths. I left PWTC around 1.45pm and I walked to LRT station.

When I reached the station, I saw many people hanging around, and no one is queueing at the ticket counter, I feel strange and as I walk closer to the counter, then only I saw the notice board which said the train has technical problem and the service will be interrupted until further notice. (@#*&$#%*#)

I was thinking I don't always take train and when I take today, this thing happen, what a bad day for me. At first I thought of waiting but then I overheard the lady standing next to me said that it's been almost an hour she waited, the worst thing is she has bought the ticket but the staff refuse to refund to her (this is so unfair?), well I guess her day is worse than mine.

In the end, I have to ask my hubby to come and fetch me loh.

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