Thursday, May 10, 2007

Astro kids programs

Yeah I sure know Astro is very common to Malaysian families, too common until when you look up at a typical apartment block, you can see 3 out of 5 units have this Astro Wok (satellite dish) installed.

I myself did not install Astro at home because no one actually watches TV programs. My hubby & I mostly watch drama series or movies in DVD when we have time. I was once tempted to install Astro for Dillon to watch the educational or cartoon programs but when I think over it again, maybe it's not the time yet, plus now the subscription fee is going to increase.... Currently Dillon is enjoying his VCD & DVD shows.

Just wondering how many of you have Astro at home for your kids to watch? Are the kids programs really good & interesting for them? Or you would rather buy the VCD or DVD for them instead of letting them becoming Astro TV addicts?


babykhong said...

Hmmm...we recently added a Playhouse Disney Channel for Brae. I find that some of the programmes are quite educational. You can buy the VCD if you don't have Astro. I can't seem to find VCD/DVD for Fun Song Factory though.

Cheryl Leong said...

I have discontinued Astro for 2 years already but kinda miss the shows though.

As for children, better dun let them too used to it. My niece (Ashley)in KK can really sit & watch whole day until my SIL & BIL locked it. Ashley love Disney channel alot*LOL*

BabyBooner said...

my opinion is that if you have only one small child (or two, coming soon! hehe) it's easier to control what they watch. for instance, when my sister had her first two children (first boy, second one girl. just like you la) it was easy to control what they can or cannot watch. but once the children started growing up, it gets harder because they become more demanding as they are exposed to outside influence. my eldest nephew is 11 yrs old now and is asking to watch Channel V and MTV! The second girl now wants to watch romantic movies...aiyo..a lot of unhealthy influences. in your case, it's still okay to put in astro la i think..

karenyiau said...

Thanks for all your opinion, Dillon don't really spend much time on TV now except for one or two dvds in a day so I'll just leave it as it is first.

chyen79 said...

i think the Fun Song Factory VCD already in market, i just saw it in Penang 1 month ago. But i do install Astro for my own and my family viewing. but i found out that some program in Playhouse Disney Channel also good for kids, my son and daughter like to sing and do the action during Fun Song Factory. But one thing is, the program always repeated and they also get bored. But i also happy because they can learn a lot through the channel. and now, my 3 years old son like to watch National Geographic like his father. but i do limit the time for watching too.