Monday, May 7, 2007

It's been a month....

Well time flies and so fast it's been a month since I created my blog & written my first post back in 6th April 2007.

I totally do not know anything about blogging but I have learned a lot through asking friends & visiting other people's blogs. I'm not sure if my posts are good for all to read but I've really enjoyed myself in writing & sharing.

Now that I have 2 blogs in hand (this one & "Under The SUN"), I will try to write regularly & hopefully would be able to maintain both. ;)


The New Parent said...

Hey--Congrats on your first month in blogging!
And you are trying to do two blogs ...wonderful!
Write from the heart and from what you know, and your blogs will always be interesting to read.

Thanks for sharing.

Annie Q said...

u very good la, just blog for the first month already got so many posts and yet me blog for nearly a year and not even reach 100 posts!!!So shameful!

karenyiau said...

Thanks Frank, that's basically what I've been doing, whenever something interesting pop up in my mind, I'll write it down & post in my blogs. :)

karenyiau said...

Don't mention that Annie, you are a supermom super bz with 2 kids & woithout maid so it's understandable not having so much time to write. :)

Plus I'm very kepoh so always got tons to write & talk about. ;P

Judy Chow said...

As you write more, I know you more, and of coz dillon too. You are good in fact can manage 2 blog for a new starter. Keep up the good work.