Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Feeling better

Something is different today, I notice that my womb has moved up & the following changes.

1.When I got up from the bed this morning, I don't feel as much pain & pressure on my pelvic area as I used to in the past few weeks.
2. I can walk faster & more comfortable.
3. Baby kicks more frequent on the upper part of my stomach instead of the lower part.
4. I eat lesser as I feel like the baby is pressing against my stomach & have slight heartburn too.

I am somewhat "happy" about the change because I don't feel the pain & pressure that much anymore. I am also blessed that I don't have backache, swelling or leg cramp, just like my 1st pregnancy, and I hope it'll continue to be like this till the day I pop. ;)


huisia said...

I feel like i have the urge to pee whenever i walk..hubby teased me maybe i should wear a diaper :<

karenyiau said...

huisia, i also like that when i sneeze or cough... :<