Saturday, May 5, 2007

This is my chair

Dillon will always sit on this red arm chair when watching TV, maybe coz red is more appeal to kids? If someone else has occupied the seat, he will keep "disturbing" until the person give out the seat, what a lil' gangster, look at the way he sits, luckily he is a boy...... ;P


KK & WS said...

Ern sits "kang kang" even she is a girl. She even placed her leg high on the stroller until ppl commented : wow, placed her leg so high:..

karenyiau said...

kk & ws, maybe they find it more comfortable to sit that way? haha

huisia said... "rude" ar..!

karenyiau said...

huisisa, so far I haven't not seen him sitting "kang kang" at other places lah... so can still pretend "see man" to other people, hahaha