Monday, May 21, 2007

Terry's birthday party

Went to baby Terry's 1st birthday party yesterday afternoon together with Hubby & Dillon.

The food is nice & the Snoopy gift pack for Dillon is lovely too, I knew that Mummy Judy has put in a lot of "sam si" (effort) to prepare this. Thumbs up to you!

Too bad Dillon doesn't seem to enjoy mixing with other kids but rather want to explore on his own, guess he is still at a parallel play stage or maybe he is too shy? Hahaha.

Sorry to Judy that we didn't stay long enough but I hope Terry has enjoyed the party & likes the puzzle gift. :)

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Although Dillon is 5.5 months older than Terry, but looks like he is more of a tiny size hor..... Judy, care to share what you feed Terry ar? :)


Judy Chow said...

Here is what Terry have in a day:-

Milk: Dutch Lady Frisolac Gold Stage 2

Morning 1st feed - Nutrifresh half pack mix with formula

Afternoon - Fish porridge with vege

Late noon - milk

Evening - same pot of porridge (just heat up and feed)

Night feed - milk

Eat fruits twice a week.

jazzmint said...

wahh...where's the pic on the cake

Allyfeel & bb said...

Is that you in the green top? How come you dun look pregnant ler?

Baby Darren said...

some toddler grow thinner as they are older coz they are more active long he is healthy, then is good already..

yeahh..u looked good in the photo..don't look pregnant lah...

karenyiau said...

Thanks for sharing Judy. I guess my son is just too active or his gene is like that la, just don't get the chubby look. :)

ally & baby darren, the photo didn't capture my tummy that's why dun look pregnant la, hehe. Let me share my photo in next pregnancy update then you can see. :)

Annie Q said... wonder when i'm in Judy's blog i saw u & dillon picture and saw ur name like so familiar..u went to the party, great!
ya..u doesnt look like pregnant la

Desperate Mummy said...

No wonder you look so familiar at Judy blog ler. I agreed wif Prudy you don't look like pregnant ler :D