Friday, May 25, 2007

My breastfeeding journey - Part 2

Everyday when I go to work, I have to bring along my cooler bag with all the necessary items eg. breast pump, storage bottles, cloth, nursing pads & cooler block. I normally would breastfeed Dillon before I leave for work around 7.30 - 8am. Then I would pump once around 11 -11.30am and another around 4 - 4.30pm in order to maintain my milk supply & ease my engorgement.

Sad to say I have no choice but to pump in the office washroom as there isn't a nursing room or any vacant room in the office.There are only 2 cubicles in the washroom & at times when I'm doing my routine, I do feel bad that I have to make people wait for long. There are also some male colleagues who will make funny faces when they see the cooler bag & bottles of milk I kept in the fridge but I couldn't care less of what they think.

When I'm back home, I will either breastfeed Dillon or pump, depending on the timing (he need to take 7oz each feed). I can't sleep through every night due to engorgement, if Dillon is awake I will feed him direct, otherwise I'll still need to get up & pump. It's so tiring & there are few times where I actually fell asleep half way pumping the milk.... :P

I manage to breastfeed Dillon for 8 months, after which I have decided to take a break as I was planning for 2nd baby. Now when I think back about it, it's a bit of waste that I didn't keep it up longer...... Well I will try to breastfeed my 2nd baby longer and hopefully I'll have a smooth journey this time. - to be continued


cairo's mommy said...

eh another mommy who pumped in toilet hahaha. i also gave cairo ebm til she was 7 mths old and i cannot tahan oredi. i stopped BF 2 months after reporting to my site office... very dusty and mostly male :p i had to quickly wash my pump n wrap up my milk bottles in the fridge in a dark plastic bag so as not to embarrass the guys hehehe

karenyiau said...

ic....we were on the same boat. although my office mostly female, but i'm the only mummy who has ever pump & store milk in the office, sometimes i really feel "lonely" coz no one else can share my concern.

BabyBooner said...

Kudos to you mummy yiau, what u did was truly amazing and honorable :) I hope I can be like you too..I really want to breastfeed Gib for at least 9 months to 1 year old. I don't know how it'll be like when I start working (have to find a job first, haha!!!), but hope I can do what you did la..
And its so admirable that you don't give a damn what they think of the bottles!! Harrummppphhh to them!

Malaika's mummy said...

It is actually very tiring to pump the milk and store them. I wanted to BF Malaika as long as possible, but she refused to take BM after a while.

Baby Darren said...

I really envy you for b/f Dillion until 8 mths...a very good job..

I failed in b/f darren, due to too much pressure from myself and post natal depression.

I'm sure u can do better for ur 2nd baby....

karenyiau said...

hi babybooner, keep up your good work with Gib, even if you are working, you can still do it becoz I've done it already. :)

malaika's mummy, Dillon is different, he doesn't really like formula milk & his intake has dropped after 8th month, makes me feel a bi guilty though.

thanks baby darren, I'm keeping my fingers crossed this time.