Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New collection of books

One of my MIL's best friend in Singapore just made a trip to KL recently and she has brought a bunch of great books & flash card for Dillon and I really appreciate her for being so kind & so thoughtful.

Since he has more books now, I've made space at my shelf (I mean putting away hubby's item into storage box, hehehe :P) to keep all his books so that he could access to them easily. I'm sure Dillon is happy with his lil' reading corner & the new collection of books as well (though he basically flip through the pages only) and I'd also need to spend more time reading to him (means lees time for blogging, hehe)


Cool Insider said...

Hi came across your blog while surfing through technorati for the links. Thanks for linking to me and nice parent blog here! I also do blog about my son Ethan who is 3.5 years old this year. Realised that there are certainly more mummy bloggers than daddy bloggers. Do pop by cooler insights if you have the chance and say "hi". ;)

Lian said...

So nice of your friend. Yes, mommy must read more to Dillon :) Some children books are really nice to read. Since becoming a mommy, I've become a sucker for children's books.

The New Parent said...

Hi--Some kids books are really wonderful. They offer great positive language and attitude. Others, well, they tend to have a negative sensibility.

It's great to read with your child and help them pronounce words! They will love it.

Thanks for sharing this post!

cairo's mommy said...

i'm an avid reader n i think it's most probably the only positive trait i can pass to Cairo

anyway, i set up a reading corner on the lower shelves (bottom 2) so that Cairo has easier access to them. she will bring them to me whenever she wants reading to, or just flip through them on her own :D

problem is, we cant get her to put them back after reading w/o our standing supervision hahaha

huisia said...

Woo..what a tidy reading corner for Dillon. I wished to setup this sometime back, but since we kept moving house so plan also on hold. :<

Mommy to Chumsy said... many nice books. Dillon is soooo lucky :D

karenyiau said...

Ya I myself never had so many books to read when I was small so I'll try to read to him as often as I could, though sometimes I feel lazy & just wanted to skip the routine but I try not to.

Dillon will put back all the books after use but I'm the one who tidy it up... ;)