Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dillon Yiau - 姚明宏

Got this tag from Cairo's mummy quite some time back and now only I remember about it.... Sorry la, have to forgive me being an absent minded preggie mum ok (excuses....;P)?

Full name: Dillon Yiau Ming Hong 姚明宏

Dillon - means Faithful. Hubby & I picked this name as we want our son to be a faithful person & have faith in himself too.
Ming Hong - This is given by sifu after Dillon was born. The chinese characters are picked based on his date & time of birth
Ming - This chinese character equals to sunlight. Dillon was born in winter season (Dec) & his element is wood (wood in winter = not active, lazy), so he would need to have sunlight or fire in his middle name to complement with.
Hong - means Great. This chinese character is also to complement with the surname & middle name & form a good combination.

Since we haven't decide a name for our 2nd baby, moreover the chinese name will only be picked by the same sifu after baby is born so I'll do it in another post next time. :) Also I'm not tagging anyone else as I can see almost everyone has done this tag already.......

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jazzmint said...

nice name :)

Anggie's journel said...

Hi karen, 宏 is a great name !!