Friday, May 4, 2007

Baby equals to tummy

I've been telling Dillon that he is going to have a didi or meimei ever since my tummy pop out around 5 months plus, I showed him my tummy & get him to touch on it.

So whenever I ask him "where is baby?", he would lift up my clothes (so I can only ask him in our room) & pat on my tummy (instead of touching it "softly") & sometimes poke my belly button (he seems more interested in this). So I thought he actually understands what baby means?

But one day when my hubby ask Dillon the same question, he quickly lift up his dad's shirt & pat on his tummy too! Well, looks like he has mistaken that baby = tummy........LOL. So in order not to further "confuse" him, I've banned hubby from asking Dillon the question again.


Jan said... daddy's tummy is as big as yours.....hahahaha

karenyiau said...

haha tell me bout it, hubby said he will lose weight together with me after i deliver wor.... let's see how la. ;P