Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another blog

Some of you might have noticed that I have 2 different blogs now under my name. One being "Mummy Yiau, Dillon & Baby" and the other is "Under The SUN".

Well it's all because I realised that my current blog is quite messy with all the topics related to Dillon, baby, pregnancy, parenting & the other ke-poh topics. So I've decided to dedicate one of the blog solely to my kids and the other for all general topics. Guess it will look more organised this way.

This long weekend will be the transition period for my blogs and if you happen to drop by & can't locate any of my previous posts & comments, please bear with me and don't think that I've gone missing in the air.... :D


Our New Baby said...

Hello. This is one of your online friends from Canada. I did not think that your blog was messy at all. It would also be neat for you to have one blog for each of your children. Take care

karenyiau said...

Hi thanks for dropping by. Ya it's not very messy yet but I foresee it will be, esp after I have my new baby so I thought it's better that I organise it now. :)