Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Baby Bloom in Golden Pig Year

Last week my friend asked me to find her a confinement lady in August and when I called up all my contacts, guess what, all are fully booked from now till October, no joke! Seems like this "Golden Pig" year is really hot as so many people are giving birth, all wanted to have a piggy baby I guess.

Anyway back to my friend, she almost wanted to cry that she can't get one because she is a 1st time mom. Thank god I finally manage to convince my aunt (who is also my previous confinement lady) to help her out, because she has initially planned for a break in August.

As for myself, I've planned to DIY my confinement this time, will share more about it in my next write up, as i gotta go now.


Anonymous said...

hi Karen, wow.. you got blog too. Thats great! Piggy year.. alot want golden piggy. Hehe... my hubby too.. but we have Sean.. doggy.. instead.

karenyiau said...

haha, i've planned for a baby this year, juz coincidently piggy year. anyway, i'll have one chicky & one piggy kid, hehe.

dragonmummy said...

I'm expecting a piggy too. :D