Friday, April 13, 2007

Parents & Kids Gathering - Preview

Well I've recently lend in my hands ( = being kepoh ) to organize a Parents & Kids Gathering among the Mead Johnson forum members. This is the first gathering we have on our own and frankly speaking, it is not an easy task to organize it; from setting the date & time, to finding the venues, confirming booking and food arrangement and the most important part, to get as many members to participate as possible. Fortunately, every member has been helpful & responsive in giving ideas and taking responsibilities, otherwise this gathering might probably has been called off already.

Anyway, after 4 weeks++ of planning & organizing, everything is set & done by now and we are just waiting for the actual gathering to take place, which is TOMORROW!!! I'm excited to see everyone, which I've been talking to, IM-ing (instant messaging) & exchanging emails with for quite some time. Finally we gotta meet each other and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this gathering would turns out well. :)


huisia said...

i attended once before, thumb up for the gathering..

karenyiau said...

yeah may not be the 1st gathering for mj forum members but it's the 1st one in "my time" i should say, hehe :)