Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sleeping in cot

My son was sleeping with me on the same bed when he is new born because it's easier for me to breastfeed him during night time. After his full moon, he begin to sleep in his cot next to my bed and he normally sleep through the night without milk feed. Later when he was able to stand up in his cot at about 8 months old, he started to be "naugthy" where he would get up in the middle of night (some nights will sleep through) and wanted to come over to my bed & sleep in between me & hubby, otherwise he would make noise!

This has continued for a few months, until I'm pregnant & finding it difficult to bend & carry him from his cot to transfer to my bed, so I remove one side of the cot gate and attach the cot to my bed so that he is literally like sleeping next to me, but just on a different bed. Now if he wakes up in the middle of night, he will just crawl to me & want me to hug him to sleep, and I'll just "roll" him back to his cot bed when he fell asleep; at least I don't need to wake up & carry him.

However a small accident happened last Saturday night. Dillon was sleeping in his cot bed as usual and perhaps he rolled & kicked too much in his sleep that night & the cot has moved apart from my bed, he then fell on floor & crying out loud. Luckily he wasn't hurt but hubby has quickly removed the cot castors and now it is safe as the cot won't move easily unless we push it.


TheBlueRanger said...

Poor Dillon. Hope he is ok. It's a good idea to attach the cot to our bed but I found out about it too late. Ethan is used to the big space now on the queen size mattress, I don't think he will sleep well in the little cot.

karenyiau said...

Yeah I always think it's easier to train from young, otherwise it's tough to change their "habit" later. But at least you knew it now then you know what to do for your next baby loh... :)