Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dillon's shoes

I bought the 1st pair of soft shoes for Dillon when he was 9 months old and the shoes size was 2. It only took him a month to outgrown it and then I have to buy him two more pairs in size 3, one sporty & one formal design. 2 months later, he started to take his 1st step outdoor and not long after that, I think about a month plus, the shoes couldn't fit him anymore.

That was around Chinese New Year and I bought him 2 pairs of new shoes in size 4, one sandals in dark blue and one in red with a cute "beep" sound whenever he takes a step. I've also bought a pair of cheap slippers for his daily wear to the park & for nearby walk. Now at his 16th month, he has already outgrown size 4. There are currently 5 pairs of shoes lying in my drawer.

Luckily I never buy a lot & also expensive shoes for Dillon, as I always spend thrift in shopping for kid's clothing & accessories, otherwise it would have been such a waste that most of the shoes are still good as new.

His 2 pairs of new shoes in size 5, the brown one is a gift from friend.

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