Monday, April 23, 2007

Dillon's meal schedule

I started Dillon on cereal when he was about 6 months plus, along with fruits & some vegetables puree (all homemade). Basically I'll pre-prepare or tell my maid the night before on what to feed Dillon while I'm at work, & I also kept a record of his food intake at that time.

To ensure a variety of taste & nutrients, I normally give different kind of food to Dillon for lunch & dinner.

Here is a typical menu for him while he was 6 - 10 months old.
Breakfast: Milk & baby rice crackers/biscuits
Lunch: Cereal or Mashed Potato
Dinner: Porridge

He will have fruits/yogurt (either one) after his lunch & dinner. In between meals there will be milk, cheese, biscuits as snacks.

After 10 months, he suddenly refuse to take cereal & mashed potato & prefers "hard" texture food, so I've replaced his lunch with noodles soup (pan mee, loh see fun, egg noodles, kuayteow or meesua).

He was introduced to rice at 14 months old & here is the typical menu:
Breakfast: Milk & biscuits or bread
Lunch: Noodles soup (varieties as stated above) with chicken/meat/egg & vegetables
Dinner: Porridge or Rice

He still have fruits/yogurt after each meal, and milk & snacks in between meals.

Just started last week, he showed dislikes of porridge and therefore we will only feed him rice for dinner from now on. Normally we'll feed him rice with soup & the soup ingredients (such as ABC soup, old cucumber, herbal soup) or if there is no soup, will cook meat/chicken with vegetables or eggs in some gravy & mix with rice.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Hey....tks for dropping by my blog ;) Your son is very cute. Good that he likes rice. Ashley doesn't. She's still taking porridge and noodles. p/s: you are a very pretty mommy ;D

karenyiau said...

Thanks for your compliment. I believe everyone looks the prettiest when they were a bride. Make-up could create miracles... hahaha ;)

Cheryl Leong said...

Hi Karen, thanks to drop by my blog too ;) It's so good to know new people tru blog.U mentioned that you're going to cut ur hair short again. Is it because of the confinement period? I find that wiht long hair, it's much easier to bear than short hair. That's what all my preggy fren told me. Can at least tied the hair *LOL*

mom2ashley said...

i guess he likes variety.....good in a way but more work for you to prepare :)

BabyBooner said...

hi, thanks for dropping by my blog and for the get well wishes for Gibran :) Mommy to chumsy is right - you're a pretty mummy! One day when I have the courage maybe I'll put up my post-pregnancy pictures but right now big no-no till i lose all the weight, haha. And do you leave your baby with your maid when u're at work? How is it so far? I'm hoping to start work soon and I'm a little worried about it. So far my maid's okay but hope she'll continue being okay...

And I have to say you're a very couragious person to have a 2nd baby so soon. It's really amazing!

karenyiau said...

Cheryl, I'll only cut my hair short after confinement coz it's easier to tie it up neat when it's long, that's what I did too last time.

Mom2Ashley, it is now more work for my maid actually... :)

babybooner, I also need the courage to put up my latest pix... haha. btw, my maid is doing fine with Dillon & I know it's not easy to cope when 2 kids are so close in age gap, but I'm determined to hv it b4 I turn 30, after that can "close shop" already ma.... :)

mommy of two angels said...

hello, i have a little girl abt 4 mths older than your boy, and she just loudly proclaim "i doe wan porridge". you give such a good variety of food, wah yogurt & fruits after every meal, really good la.

karenyiau said...

hi mommy of 2 angels,

coz i heard some kids do suffer from constipation very often so i better prevent it loh. so far he will poo poo everyday.

babykhong said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! BTW, haven't tried Fit For 2 but I remember they are on the 2nd floor of a shop, not strolley-friendly lar.

Apparently Bijou is opened by FF2 too!

Grace said...

Thanks for drop by my blog. Now only notice you are 2nd pregnancy and the baby is coming soon, hope your wish come truth :)

karenyiau said...

Babykhong, yes FitFor 2 is not so stroller-friendly. Well I think I would ask you about venue if I were to have a kids party next time, seems like you hv been to quite a few. ;)

Grace, thanks for coming here. Yeah I wish I could make a pair & then close shop, hooray!