Monday, April 9, 2007

Cervical Cancer (HPV)

Recently one of my forum member has discovered that she had HPV2, that is Cervical Cancer during her pap-smear check up. She is in her early 40's only and was still trying for another baby. This has definitely hit her but luckily she is still in the early stage, she went through operation & medication and everything is now under control. But she still need to go for check up on regular basis to monitor the conditions.

In last year July, my friend's mum was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer also but it wasn't that lucky in her case. Her mum is in mid-40's and there wasn't any signs all this while and she also didn't go for annual pap-smear check up, later when she realised it's too late as she is already in the 3rd stage, a critical stage.

She went for chemo and medication but then 6 months later, she still can't fight it and passed away just before the Chinese New Year.

I am aware of Cervical Cancer long time ago but it hasn't become so "real" until it happens to the people that I know. I don't know exactly how we could prevent it but the least we woman should do is, go for annual pap-smear check up and HPV test (for those age above 30), don't be lazy. Early detection might save lives, and I hope this post has alarmed some of you in one way or another.


Lynne Eldridge M.D. said...

A few tips you may want to share with your friend, which seem to have been lost amidst the controversy over the vaccine.

An excellent study published in the journal CANCER, showed that a diet high in lutein, beta-crytoxanthin, vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene, hastened clearance of the HPV virus, in turn lowering the inflammation it causes that leads to cancer. On our Website under excerpts (chp 5)we do list several foods that contain these if you want more information. Another study showed that using sanitary napkins instead of tampons helped clear the virus faster. Thanks for raising awareness!

Lynne Eldridge M.D.
Author, "Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time"

Judy Chow said...

Cervical cancer can be prevent now with 3 dose injection. My newly wed friend is taking it now and only can plan for pregnant aft 3 dose complete.

Judy Chow said...

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