Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chinese soups

Since Dillon is fully on rice for dinner now, we have to prepare soup at least 3 times a week, or more. Well in most cases my maid will be the one making the soup actually, I'm just preparing the ingredients. The soups that Dillon would normally have includes Herbal soup (assorted), Old Cucumber soup, Winter Melon soup, ABC soup, Lotus Root soup, Peas soup & White Radish soup.

The ingredients I used (for serving size of 4 adults):

Herbal soup
1 pre-packed herbal soup ingredients (assorted, ranges from RM5 - 8, can get from market or chinese medical hall)
1 chicken carcass (add some chicken feet if you like, I normally would :D)

Old Cucumber soup
1 no. of old cucumber
Pork stock bones (about RM5)
Some dried oysters, red dates & kei zhi

Winter Melon soup
1/4 no. of Winter melon (depending on how big it is, normally quarter is enough)
Pork stock bones
Some dried scallops, red dates & kei zhi

ABC soup
2 no. of carrots, potatoes, tomatoes & big onions
1 chicken carcass (add chicken feet if you like)
Sometimes I will add a bit of "jar choy", or crushed white pepper but it's optional

Lotus Root soup
Lotus root (my mum said choose the "fat, round & short" ones wor)
Fan got (really don't know what is this called in English)
Pork stock bones
Some peanuts, red dates & kei zhi

Peas soup
8 - 10 no. of pod peas, remove the pod (the pod is light red & white & the peas is white colour, don't know what is the exact name of this pea, but can use to make porridge too, real sweet) - will get the pix & update
1 chicken carcass
Some red dates & kei zhi

White Radish soup
2 no. of white radish
Some dried oysters/cuttlefish, red dates & kei zhi
Some crushed white pepper (coz white radish is "leong"/cold food)


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Thanks for the recipes. Do you just give your son some rice with the soup? What about vege? A different dish? It takes a long time for Ashley to finish chewing her rice :(

huisia said...

hehe..almost same as my soups here except the herbal soup, i normally just used red dates, kei-chi, dried osyter and pork ribs as my herbal soup.

karenyiau said...

huisia, yeah i guess most soups are of similar recipe, but me as a cantonese really too used to have soup for meal. :)

maybe you can try adding yuk chok, bak kei & longan also to your herbal soup, it'll taste nice too. :)