Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What is safe during pregnancy & what not?

Is it safe to colour my hair during pregnancy? Can we eat sushi or take wine/coffee when we are pregnant? Is it safe to fly? Is it safe to have sex?

When a woman is pregnant, especially the 1st time mum, many of these questions or doubts will rise in their head. I was once like that as well, and I'm the kind of person that don't really follow all the old wives tales, therefore during my last pregnancy, I have subscribed to a few newsletter and also have been searching for pregnancy information on the web. I found this "Is it safe? During Pregnancy Guide" at babycenter.com is pretty useful & the information provided does make sense to me as well.

It covers topic on food & drinks, fitness, travel, sex, medical and many others, however this only serve as a guide and would varies depending on individual conditions so if you are still in doubt, it's always better to confirm with doctor.

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