Sunday, April 15, 2007

Parents & Kids Gathering - Side Stories

Story #1
Since majority of us, if not all, haven't met each other before so I basically do not recognise any faces prior to the gathering. Therefore whenever I saw parents walking towards our venue with kids, I generally assume that they were here for the gathering. It has actually embarrassed me twice when I opened the door & attend to the parents whom I thought were our members, only to find out that they were to take some brochures and activities schedule of Tumble Tots, they even mistaken me as a staff there. :P

Story #2
Tumble Tots has given each parents a free copy of magazine with car stickers & etc as door gift. I was holding the magazine while pushing Dillon in stroller to the car park. When I reached my car, I casually left the magazine on my car roof, and proceed with putting Dillon in the car seat, fold up the stroller & put in the boot, then put my handbag in the front seat, start the engine & drove off. Yes, I bet you already realised it by now, the magazine! But I only recalled it when I reached home, it must have been "lying" on my car roof and dropped off along my way back. Looks like I can't deny that I've been "a bit" absent-minded lately. :P

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