Saturday, April 28, 2007

My new blog is done

Finally I'm done with my new blog, much faster than I have thought. :)

The current blog is renamed to "Mummy Yiau, Dillon & Baby" while the other one will be using the name "Under The SUN".

Although I can move the posts to my new blog but I can't find the way to move the comments together as well. Since I don't want to lose these readers' comments, I still retain a copy of some posts here even though they have been moved to the new blog.

Well it does look more organised to me now. :)


huisia said...

i have been thinking to set up another blog especially for my boys too..

The New Parent said...

Hey, good work! Must have taken a little time to think it all through.
Looking forward to reading both!

karenyiau said...

Ya huisia, that would be a good idea, I'm sure we'll have more to write after our 2nd baby arrives isn't it?

Hey Frank, if it's not in conjunction with the long weekend, I'm not sure when will I be able to put my thoughts into action. :)