Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My 2nd pregnancy

This pregnancy is very different from my 1st & I think it's more "challenging". My morning sickness in 1st trimester was more serious, where I had gastric & vomited badly until I can see tinge of blood in my vomiting. Compare to my 1st pregnancy, I was carrying low this time and this has caused me to have spotting whenever I walk too much or have been too active. I was so panic every time I see spotting because I never had this before and I was so worried that I'm gonna lost my baby. This pregnancy was not as enjoyable as the 1st as well because I have to take care of Dillon at the same time. He has became so attached to me and I'm really exhausted and didn't really have too much time to rest.

I'm entering 3rd trimester now, tummy has grew bigger & the pressure to my pelvic area has became greater that whenever I need to get up from a sitting or lying position, even when walking, I can feel the muscle pulling pain. Never really had this when I was carrying high during my 1st pregnancy.

Nonetheless, the real "challenge" will only begins when I have both the newborn & the young toddler under one roof, I would definitely need more stamina & patience to cope with it.


TheBlueRanger said...

I can imagine your tiredness. It's really tough when you have an active toddler around. Take care.

huisia said...

you remind me i am in my 3rd trimester now, having a same due date friend really good lor!!

my 2nd pregnancy also more harder compare than the first, especially the cramp and back pain..maybe age is catching up..

you do take care ya..

esther said...

hey, take it easy now...do take the rest needed and please take good care of yourself and your little angel.

karenyiau said...

Thanks for all your comforting words and I will definitely take good care.

Huisia you take care too & let's cheer each other up. :)

Anonymous said...

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