Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shopping list for new baby

Well there isn't much to buy for my new baby to be frank, except for the necessities & some toiletries. Most of Dillon's items are still good as new and I'm sure he won't mind passing them to his meimei/didi :)

Here is what I have in my list:
1. New pigeon peristaltic teats (x3)
2. Enfalac A+ 900g (1 tin)
3. PetPet Diapers S48 (1 pack)
4. Pacifier maybe?? (for standby, really wish don't have to use it....)
5. Guinness stout for bath (10 cans)

Hope there isn't anything that I missed out.......


Jan said...

got things to hand down then you should stuff don't come cheap too.....when they are older then you can get them new stuff

karenyiau said...

Ya right, somemore their age gap so close, the stuffs are still new.

I think I have more to spend on myself, mostly on confinement & post-natal stuff. :)

chinneeq said...

the excitement isnt the same anymore, as compare to the first one, isnt it ?

karenyiau said...

chinnee, i'm still excited to see my baby but it's a different kind of feeling loh, cannot compare with the 1st one, hehe :)

Anonymous said...

shopping again.. how nice.. hehe.. for me.. dont know have to wait until when to have 2nd bb.. coz 1st baby hubby already said.. can't breath.. haha.

karenyiau said...

Nicole, my hubby also said the same at first but then now he is so excited to see our new baby. But he prefers a girl coz he said one monkey in the house is more than enough, hehe.