Sunday, April 22, 2007

Confinement budget

I've finally decided the confinement food menu that I'm gonna order from Peiling and faxed over to them already. In the first 14 days, I'm only ordering 1 meat, 1 vege, 1 soup, 1 brown & 1 white rice (enough for lunch & dinner), plus delivery fees, it cost close to RM700. If the quality of food & service are good, I will then order for another 14 days but might slightly change the combination of menu.

Based on my estimation, this whole confinement food catering will cost me around RM1500 for 28 days and on top of that, I'll still need to buy some herbs like Dong Guai, Dong Chung Chou, Pao Sum etc & Kampung Chicken & liquor to make double- boiled herbal soup from 14th day onwards. Not forgetting also the Red Dates, Dong Sum & Kei Zhi to prepare the daily herbal tea to drink.

Well if I can work within a budget of 2 - 2.5k, it is still cheaper than getting a confinement lady isn't it? In my last confinement where my aunty was helping me day care, I've also spent nearly 2k on just buying the raw food, herbs & wine so to me I still think DIY it this time can save me a bomb.


Cheryl Leong said...

Wow, it's quite tough not to have CL to help you around with taking care of the baby. Food is easy to prepare though, so, not to worry. I wish you all the best in ur happy moment to come.

karenyiau said...

Thanks cheryl, the last time my CL also came from 9 - 1pm only to bath baby & cook for me, so I guess it'll be fine. :)

Jeff said...

"eat quality and not quantity", I think everyone is agreed with this phrase.

So during pregnancy and confinement, it's better if you can eat the right food and at the right cost(money spent but you get what you want, ie yr healthcare), cause what is more important is yr body can get the proper nourishment with the proper nutrition.

As for traditional chinese food, I think it's still not sufficient fr you to really 'recover' back after delivery. It's not because of the ingredients's the way the food is prepared that make the different.

just my 2c

Anonymous said...

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