Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dillon's menu

This is a write-up following my previous post on soups, in answer to mommy to chumsy's questions.

Normally Dillon would have the rice with soup, and the soup ingredients (eg carrots, potatoes, peas, peanuts, meat from the pork bones or chicken carcass etc). On days where we don't have soup, we'll prepare one of the following:

1. Braised potatoes (with/without meat) in gravy
2. Steam egg or meat with vege/mushroom in gravy
3. Steam fish in gravy
3. Boil bayam or bo choy soup with egg/minced meat

I'm not worry about his vegetables intake, because during lunch, when he is having noodles soup, we'll definitely add in vegetables, eggs/meat. By the way, he only eat eggs on alternate days.

Dillon loves fruits as well, and he will have it after lunch & dinner, on days where we run out of fruits, he'll have yogurt instead.


huisia said...

Hehe..same again..maybe those are most kids friendly food.

karenyiau said...

ya loh and it's definitely easier for us now that they start taking rice & other table food.

Lian said...

Looks like a good menu. My headache is getting my kids to eat vegetables. But can't really blame them coz' mommy has the same problem. Keh keh keh.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Thanks for answering my question ;D

karenyiau said...

Hi Lian, thanks for visiting my blog. Well I think most kids dislike vege, I myself also hates vege when I was small & only started to like it when I'm in high school. Give them more fruits & other fibre rich food also ok.

Mommy to chumsy, you are welcome & I should thank you for giving me an idea to write another post, haha